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Vivo Mobile In Belgium - Prices, Reviews And Latest Updates

ViVo Xplay6
BEF 22,780
ViVo X20 Plus
BEF 17,755
ViVo Xplay 5
BEF 17,420
ViVo X9 Plus
BEF 16,750
ViVo X6S Plus
BEF 16,750
ViVo X9s
BEF 15,745
ViVo Xplay 3S
BEF 15,410
ViVo X9s Plus
BEF 15,075
ViVo X7 Plus
BEF 14,405
ViVo X6
BEF 13,400
ViVo X9
BEF 13,400
ViVo X6S
BEF 12,730
ViVo X5 Plus
BEF 12,730
ViVo X5 Max
BEF 12,730
ViVo X20
BEF 12,730
ViVo Y79
BEF 12,563
ViVo X7
BEF 12,395
ViVo Xplay 5S
BEF 11,390
ViVo X6 Plus
BEF 10,050
ViVo V7 Plus
BEF 9,715
ViVo Y67
BEF 9,045
ViVo V3 Max
BEF 8,710
ViVo Y929
BEF 8,710
ViVo V5
BEF 8,710
ViVo V5 Plus
BEF 8,710
ViVo V1 Max
BEF 8,375
ViVo V7
BEF 8,375
ViVo V1
BEF 8,040
ViVo V3
BEF 7,705
ViVo Y65
BEF 7,705
ViVo V5s
BEF 7,705
ViVo V5 Lite
BEF 7,705
ViVo Y69
BEF 6,700
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All Latest & best vivo Mobile Phone Prices in Belgium 2018, Belgium's daily updated vivo android, 3G and 4G LTE phone Price list in Belgian Franc, Cheapest vivo Smartphone price BEL.

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