All Octa Core Zte Smartphone In Brazil, Price And Specs

All Octa core zte Smartphone in Brazil, Price and Specs

ZTE Axon phone image
ZTE Axon phone

BRL 1,830
ZTE Axon Max 2
ZTE Axon Max 2

BRL 1,061
ZTE Nubia Z9 Maxx Elite
ZTE Axon Max

BRL 1,574
ZTE Axon Lux image
ZTE Axon Lux

BRL 2,525
ZTE Nubia X8
ZTE Nubia X8

BRL 1,610
ZTE Axon Elite image
ZTE Axon Elite

BRL 1,830
ZTE Axon Mini image
ZTE Axon Mini

BRL 1,281
ZTE Blade X9
ZTE Blade X9

BRL 1,025

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All latest and Best Octa core CPU zte Mobile Phone with prices in Brazil and Full Specifications.

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