All Quad Core Vivo Smartphone In Canada, Price And Specs

Vivo Y21
ViVo Y21

CAN$ 152
Vivo Y25
ViVo Y25

CAN$ 145
Vivo Y55s
ViVo Y55s

CAN$ 251
ViVo Xplay6
ViVo Xplay6

CAN$ 898
vivo X9 Plus
ViVo X9 Plus

CAN$ 660
vivo Y21L
ViVo Y21L

CAN$ 132
Vivo Y31A
ViVo Y31A

CAN$ 198
VIVO Xplay 5
ViVo Xplay 5

CAN$ 686
Vivo Y51L
ViVo Y51L

CAN$ 172
vivo Y51
ViVo vivo Y51

CAN$ 238
Vivo V1 Max
ViVo V1 Max

CAN$ 330
Vivo V1
ViVo V1

CAN$ 330
VIVO Xplay 5S
ViVo Xplay 5S

CAN$ 449
Vivo Y929
ViVo Y929

CAN$ 343
Vivo X5 Max
ViVo X5 Max

CAN$ 502
VIVO Xplay 3S
ViVo Xplay 3S

CAN$ 607

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Vivo X11
ViVo X11

Vivo X20
ViVo X20

Vivo X20a
ViVo X20a

Vivo X20 Plus
ViVo X20 Plus

ViVo Xplay 7
ViVo Xplay 7

ViVo Xplay 7 Plus
ViVo Xplay 7 Plus

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All latest and Best Quad core CPU vivo Smartphone with prices in Canada and Full Specifications.

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