List Of All Iball Tablets Comes With 2MP Front Camera In Canada With Price

iBall Slide Brisk 4G2
Iball Slide Brisk 4G2

CAN$ 185
Slide Co-Mate
Iball Co-Mate

CAN$ 172
iBall Slide Snap 4G2
Iball Slide Snap 4G2

CAN$ 145
iBall Slide 3G Q27
Iball Slide 3G Q27

CAN$ 224
iBall Slide Bio-Mate
Iball Slide Bio-Mate

CAN$ 172
IBall Slide 3G i80
Iball Slide 3G i80

CAN$ 158
IBall Slide 3G 7803Q-900 16GB (WiFi 3G)
Iball Slide 3G 7803Q-900 16GB (WiFi 3G)

CAN$ 158
IBall slide WQ32
Iball slide WQ32

CAN$ 158

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