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Latest samsung Mobile Price in Hong Kong - New samsung Galaxy Phone

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Samsung Galaxy A7 2016
Galaxy A7 2016

Not Yet Released.
Galaxy A5 2016 Edition
Galaxy A5 2016 Edition

Not Yet Released.
Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 edition
Galaxy A3 2016 edition

Not Yet Released.
Galaxy Golden 3
Galaxy Golden 3

  HKD 4,315
Samsung Galaxy 3
Galaxy J3

Not Yet Released.
Samsung Galaxy Z3
Galaxy Z3

  HKD 1,122
Galaxy Grand On
Galaxy Grand On

  HKD 1,726
Samsung Galaxy A9
Galaxy A9

Not Yet Released.
Samsung Galaxy Active Neo
Galaxy Active Neo

  HKD 3,021
Galaxy Mega On
Galaxy Mega On

  HKD 1,985
Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace
Galaxy J1 Ace

  HKD 863
Samsung Galaxy ON7
Galaxy ON7

  HKD 1,899
Samsung Galaxy ON5
Galaxy ON5

  HKD 1,726
Samsung Metro B350E
Metro B350E

  HKD 265
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Galaxy Note 5

  HKD 5,610
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+
Galaxy S6 Edge+

  HKD 6,909
Samsung Galaxy Folder
Galaxy Folder

  HKD 1,467
Samsung Galaxy A8 32GB
Galaxy A8 32GB

  HKD 4,315
Samsung Galaxy V Plus
Galaxy V Plus

  HKD 667
Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE
Galaxy S7 Edge

Not Yet Released.
Samsung Galaxy S7
Galaxy S7

Not Yet Released.
Galaxy S6 Mini
Galaxy S6 Mini

Not Yet Released.
Samsung Z2

  HKD 1,208
Samsung Galaxy A8
Galaxy A8

  HKD 4,315
Samsung Galaxy J5
Galaxy J5

  HKD 2,158
Samsung Galaxy J7
Galaxy J7

  HKD 2,762
Samsung Galaxy S6 CDMA
Galaxy S6 CDMA

  HKD 6,041
Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos
Galaxy S6 Duos

  HKD 5,178
Samsung Galaxy Win 2 Dous
Galaxy Win 2 Dous

  HKD 2,158
Samsung Galaxy Win 2
Galaxy Win 2

  HKD 1,295
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3
Galaxy Xcover 3

  HKD 1,985
Samsung Galaxy S6 active
Galaxy S6 active

  HKD 5,610
Samsung Galaxy  Z1
Galaxy Z1

  HKD 863
Samsung Galaxy Grand Max
Galaxy Grand Max

  HKD 2,848
Samsung Galaxy J1 SM-J100
Galaxy J1 SM-J100

  HKD 1,122
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Samsung Mobile Hong Kong

Samsung is a Market Leader in providing quality communication medium to the world. It is basically a Finnish Multinational which manufactures Featured mobile phone to high end Smartphone devices and has converged electronics to communication industry.

Samsung has invested a huge chunk of its profit in research and development, and that is the reason why, Samsung rules the mobile market of meager countries of the word including Hong Kong. It is because of ease of use and trouble free navigation catering the need of individual market that people from every walk of life including a bus driver to CEO look forward to purchasing the device for their use.

There is a range of mobile phone available in Hong Kong, when you talk about an easy to handle budget friendly android mobile phone we have Samsung Galaxy core, Galaxy grand, Galaxy s Duos, galaxy star and Galaxy S Mini Series facilitating the full core function of Smart phone. Whereas when it is about high-end mobile phone services providing high end technology features and all that an executives look for, we have complete a complete best android based Smartphone Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy A-series full metal body premium Samsung Phone to facilitate the process.

This is not the end, even color customization for girls having Rose, pink and other bright colors mobile body makes Samsung popular in girls as well. The Galaxy Note 4 high speed experience launched few months before, addressed the need of all the students at the best.

Samsung always try its best, to join hands with the latest trends. This has lead to billions of dollars worth sales of Samsung phone throughout the Hong Kong and other world. The launch of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, the best cell phone is a true representation of the fact that today portability plays a huge role in mobile phone purchase, as the research on customer behavior do bear fruits by increase in sales, the episode Samsung has been experiencing for long.