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LG's reasoning for flatter interface design

LG has made user world flat when it comes to latest generation of smartphones. It was not well understood as to what it could be to with the new iOS 7. The introductory stage created some chaos and every one just speculated to determine the right interpretation of the new operating system. This is the story of the last year.

The conventional interface is now the story of the past and the users accustomed to previous interface have now to switch over to the new face and will be having a new experience with new technology. Apple was the pioneer in this change and as it became popular among the users it vented the air to the heat of competition among manufacturers.

The philosophy behind the new look of flat design is subject of the talk everywhere and LG put up a rather nice presentation behind the reasons to turn the world of user interface flat. It seems that LG’s round shaped logo the purpose or the central idea seems to follow geometry where as many of the icons are square.

However this new UI is appearing on the LG G3 and LG wants to inspire you about the user experience and own the new flagship without thinking any further.



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