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Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Review Fashionable Wearable Companion

Editor Rating: 3.9 / 5

Samsung declared its favor looking Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo smartwatch nearby its Galaxy Note 3 in September a year ago, but customers were apparently unmoved.

Barely a year prior, an obscure organization called Pebble, put itself on the guide after it figured out how to convey on its swarm financed crusade on Kickstarter, and discharged what was one of the exact first up to date and really fruitful smartwatches. The organization was overpowered by the interest, and that is as great a pointer as any to a ringleader occupant that the time of the wearable’s is drawing close.

Today, we'll be investigating the catch up – the Gear 2 – in an endeavor to survey whether Samsung gained from the entire experience. At $299, it is still a standout amongst the most unmanageable smartwatches out there; however a prior look does show that Samsung has enhanced its wearable in a few key regions.


Operating system            Tizen-based wearable platform

Display                          1.63-inch Super AMOLED (320 x 320)

Dimensions                     Gear 2: 36.9 x 58.4x 10.0 mm, Weight 68g;

Processor                       1.0 GHz Dual Core Processor

Memory                          512MB RAM, Storage  4GB

Camera                           2.0 Megapixel Auto Focus (1920x1080, 1080x1080, 1280x960)

Sensors                          Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Heart Rate

Battery life                      Li-ion 300mAh; Typical Usage 2~3 days, Low Usage up to 6 days

Gear 2  Color                   Charcoal Black, Mocha Grey and Wild Orange

Design And Display

While the Gear 2 in no way, shape or form presents a plot turn with its outline dialect contrasted and the first Galaxy Gear, a lot has improved, and solely. The substance of the watch looks much sleeker and cleaner, unrestricted by the four screws that kept the first together. The force/home catch has likewise been moved to the front, and is currently much bigger, and fundamentally simpler to work. As in the recent past, the visible some piece of the face is all glass and metal, and holds a 1.63-inch 320x320-pixel AMOLED presentation, which is both itemized enough and can get sufficiently splendid for use considerably under immediate daylight.

However the upgrades in configuration didn't stop there. The Polaroid, for instance, no more distends from the strap, and, nearby the new IR blaster, is currently flawlessly settled at the end of the physical group of the Gear 2, instantly before the strap. Talking about the body and strap, those have both seen some thin estimating – the body itself is still plastic, yet its additionally more slender and Ip67 dust- and water-safe and houses a heart rate screen on the lowest part, while the strap accompanies a much littler and more tasteful looking fasten. Besides, the strap can now be traded with any standard 22mm one.

Samsung has contracted the amount of color choices down to three – charcoal dark, gold tan, and a bright orange.

USER Interface

Goodness, kid, do we have a considerable measure to discuss. Women and men of their word, say farewell to Android. The truth is out, the Gear 2 does not make utilization of Google's OS – its got a Tizen heart. Google never truly did mean, nor did it adjust the existing Android code, for utilization on wearables with small shows, in any event as of not long ago, when the Android Wear task was affirmed. What Samsung did with the Galaxy Gear a year ago is adjust the Android OS on its own, streamlining it for its watch. This possible controlled Samsung towards Tizen, a stage it has much more control over. Regardless, for all intents and purpose nothing about the Tizen-based programming looks or capacities uniquely in contrast to the Android OS-based one in the original Gear. That said, a ton has been included top of the past stage.

Anyhow how about we first discuss the client experience utilizing the Gear 2. All things considered, its really exceedingly oversimplified in nature, and in a great manner. Not at all like your non-savvy watch, doesn’t the presentation work constantly. On the other hand, of course, the presentation is situated to wake up at whatever point it catches movement in an exertion to attempt and theory movement reminiscent to when you raise your wrist to check the time as you might with a typical watch. Tragically, as we would see it, it is excessively delicate, so the showcase always controls on. This empties the battery unnecessarily, as well as be irritating and occupying. That is the reason, before long, we chose to keep the auto-awakening off, so we need to press the home catch each time we need to see the time, in the same way that on a telephone.

The homescreen houses the time and date, alongside brisk access to the Polaroid, pedometer, and alternatives. Samsung furnishes you with a couple of decisions here, and you can rather have the climate show up, or even set up a wellness driven homescreen which always redesigns itself with the amount of steps you've voyage.

Exploring your Gear 2 is straightforward – you simply swipe left and right to get to the distinctive screens like you might on your cell phone. At whatever point you have to stop an application or about-face a step, you essentially swipe from the top, and that is about it. The physical Home catch additionally works like its Android partners – a click will transport you specifically to your picked homescreen, unless you're inside an application where it essentially works like a push button.

The UI has been overhauled with the choice to have a legitimate foundation picture, rather than simply having a pick of a few essential shades and a couple of secondaries. Furthermore, applications are currently orchestrated in a 2x2 lattice for every homescreen and you can revamp them, which makes route that much less demanding – gone are the times of interminable scrolling about.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

Processor and memory

The Gear 2 also ups the ante in the performance department, with a speedier, dual-core Samsung Exynos 3250 chip clocked at 1GHz, and 512MB of RAM. This is a sizable upgrade from the single core 800MHz processor on the original Galaxy Gear, allowing it to push through the fancier graphics and new interface at even faster speeds than its predecessor.

Essentially, you're getting slightly better response times with the added benefit of all the extra functionality. We've experienced no scenarios where lag or hang-ups reared their ugly heads above the surface, and that's definitely a big plus.

Lastly, there's 2.91GB of free storage available to you, which you can use for loading music, third party apps, watch faces or for photos you have taken with the built-in camera.

Notifications And Functions

So we should talk purpose. The Messages application, as you can envision, permits you to peruse the full SMS quick messages that you have gained on your cell phone, and you can even utilize various preset formats with short replies, or even make your own. A committed E-mail application synchronizes with the inherent Samsung letter drop on your gadget, permitting you to peruse the full substance of an email, rather than simply serving as a "You've got mail!" sort warning. You can, once more, answer with preset replies, yet nothing more.

The Notifications application holds every single approaching and put away warning. They are not simply pieces, and all the data from the warning you get on your gadget is generally accessible right from your Gear 2. Likewise, on account of a characteristic called Smart Relay, you can undoubtedly move between the modest warning window on the Gear 2 specifically to your full-sized gadget precisely where you exited off.

You additionally get Dialer and Contact applications implicit, and they both are decently actualized for the little screen, and work well. For instance, the Dialer will rapidly distinguish the number you're writing on the off chance that you have it put away on your cell phone, and you can likewise utilize the numeric keypad to inquiry and dial names specifically, in T9-like style. Concerning the Contacts application, you can without much of a stretch explore through your numerous contacts on account of the sequential slider on the right.

Whatever is left of the implicit applications incorporate any semblance of S Voice for voice orders, a clock, a stopwatch, voice reminders, and a climate application, which were likewise display on the first Gear. The new ones here are the Schedule application, which works as one with your Samsung gadget's implicit schedule, and the Watch on Remote, which utilizes the inherent IR blaster to control your TV and set top box.

 Tragically, for it to work appropriately, you have to have the Gear 2 embracing your wrist bone, however not excessively tight, nor excessively detached. And still, at the end of the day, be that as it may, it typically assumes control in excess of 10 seconds for a real perusing, and those might be truly whimsical, as well. There's likewise another Exercise application, which basically utilizes the pedometer and your profile's details (age, stature, weight, sexual orientation) to give rough guesses of the separation and the velocity at which you're moving, alongside a calorie counter.

Need some additional applications particularly made for the Gear 2? There are some – like Evernote, Feedly, Banjo, alongside a few watch faces – however the schedule is super short, and an enormous part of it isn't free. Maps or turn-by-turn route remain a hallucination. Appreciatively, applications that worked with the Galaxy Gear, work with the Gear 2 too. Be that as it may, the little application biological community size keeps on being unquestionably the greatest issue we have with Samsung's smartwatches.

Pairing  with a Smart phone

The Gear 2 is intended to be combined with your telephone and not utilized as a standalone gadget. Nonetheless, you can't match it with simply any Android gadget. Rather, the smartwatch is just perfect with Samsung gadgets just, however the schedule has now developed to 18 separate models, including the Galaxy S4 and S5, and even the Note 2 and 3. In spite of the fact that the schedule is liberal contrasted with the first-gen Gear, it can't be contrasted and the Pebble watch, which works with both Android and ios gadgets.

The Gear 2 sets by means of Bluetooth 4.0 LE, yet it is not as simple as pairing a Bluetooth headset for instance. It obliges you to download the Gear Manager application on your telephone/tablet off the Samsung application store, and experience a couple of prompts. The rest is, in every way that really matters, a totally mechanized procedure, yet a bit usage.


In typical Samsung fashion, no part of the package is left untouched, and this extends to the camera. The upgraded 2-megapixel auto focus shooter can take 1920x1080 snaps, and shoot video in 720p.

Yet despite its undeniable spy appeal, the camera is hardly the work of a miracle. That said, it's adequate considering it's strapped onto a smartwatch of all things, but really nothing beyond that – even your smartphone's front-facing cam likely produces better results.

As for video, 720p is the name of the game. There's an enforced cap of 15 seconds of footage, likely to conserve space. The quality is, once again, poor by today's smartphone standards, but you can produce workable clips when light is abundant.


300 mah cell is the thing that powers the Gear 2, however don't undercut it simply yet. Contingent upon your use propensities, its really fit for holding its ground for up to 4 or 5 days. On the off chance that you like playing with your smartwatch, then again, the exact most extreme you ought to want is 3 days.

At the point when the battery is out, you can squeeze it up through a pocket-capable charging dock that Samsung gives, which snaps onto the once more of the watch and join with a force source by means of micro USB.

The other real wellspring of dismay is the sticker on the Gear 2. At $299, this thing ain't modest. Contenders like the much more useful (yet seemingly "less cool") Pebble Steel offer for $229, while the first (which is a practical equal) requires simply $150. Indeed Sony's new Smartwatch 2 expenses just $145 on Amazon at this time, and notwithstanding its blames, in any event you have entry to some appeal applications like Facebook and Twitter, and it is ostensibly as attractive.

Expert View

Samsung has done various upgrades with the Gear 2, and practically every one of them were to improve things. We most likely like the plan all the more, as the watch is both less massive and lighter, additionally less lively with its looks. Except for the orange-colored variant, you can undoubtedly slap the Gear 2 actually for a fancier event (however, in any case you'll need your Tag for the extraordinary affair). Samsung has likewise knock up the specs of a couple of internals, and the watch by and large performs extremely well as far as responsiveness and rate. Be that as it may like with its ancestor, the Gear 2's Achilies' heel is its poor application biological system, and its inconsistency with gadgets other than Samsung's extraordinary. This circumstance is considerably more unacceptable in the range of 6 months after the fact.




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