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Tablet Computers Afghanistan Price And Full Specifications

Innjoo F3 Innjoo F3 AFN 4,500
Salora Fon tab Salora Fon tab AFN 4,500
Xtouch L71 Xtouch L71 AFN 5,250
Xtouch X712 Xtouch X712 AFN 5,250
Xtouch  K2 Xtouch K2 AFN 5,250
Xtouch  P1 Xtouch P1 AFN 5,250
Innjoo T1 Innjoo T1 AFN 5,250
Plum Optimax 2 Plum Optimax 2 AFN 5,250
Lenovo Tab E7 Lenovo Tab E7 AFN 5,250
INDIGI A23 Indigi A23 AFN 5,999
Xtouch X808 Xtouch X808 AFN 6,000
Xtouch X718 Xtouch X718 AFN 6,000
Xtouch PF73 Xtouch PF73 AFN 6,000
Xtouch PL73 Xtouch PL73 AFN 6,000
Xtouch PF74 Xtouch PF74 AFN 6,000
Innjoo F2 Innjoo F2 AFN 6,000
Plum Optimax 12 Plum Optimax 12 AFN 6,000

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