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Samuel Sagu Says:

Pls, where can i get a used nexus 6p and the resident in Nigeria.tanx

2016-10-10 / 13:28:37

Richard Kwasi Prebbie Says:

Please I need 64GB of Google Nexus 6P version

2016-04-27 / 10:41:26

Emiel Bogemans Says:

Can I buy it at TUCOM in Pattaya? Thanks.

2016-04-08 / 13:05:41

Ravi Says:

Where to buy

2016-01-20 / 02:48:51

rahulbahadurshahi Says:

where can i purchase this

2016-01-17 / 07:33:10

blesson Says:

i need nexus 6P , where is this available in qatar. please give me replay

2016-01-13 / 08:50:17

Hubert Satheesh Says:

Hi, Greetings. Could you please let me know the shops where NEXUS 6P is available for 195Bd. Iam finding it difficult to locate the mobile. Thanks.

2016-01-10 / 12:44:56

Weephae Says:

Where can I buy a Nexus 6p with warranty? Nexus 6p is available in MBK but its without warranty. Please reply as soon as possible

2016-01-10 / 09:39:13

kathir Says:

please help me with the actual location of where i can get nexus 6p in doha!

2015-12-15 / 05:12:41

Clarence Says:

where can I buy 128gb version this week in hk?

2015-12-13 / 23:23:49

James Says:

Any news on where to buy in Thailand?

2015-12-13 / 02:13:54

Nahid Hossain Elan Says:

Really nice phone... I want to buy nexus 6p when it is available in Bangladesh.... I just want to know that can I get some discounts for buying nexus 6p.... Please inform me..

2015-12-11 / 08:21:16

bless Says:

i need this mobile. that showing real price, where is location in doha showroom

2015-12-03 / 05:25:45

hazem moghrbi Says:

I live in jordan and i want to buy the nexus 6p frost color 64GB and the device is not here yet .... i want to know the date that will be here ... and if its not coming i want to know how can i buy one .... i need your help can u help me .

2015-11-22 / 19:35:56

Lamech Says:

Any shop with this phone near Aarhus Quote price in dollars please

2015-11-19 / 08:06:54

Thomas Says:

where can I buy The Nexus 6P in Phuket?

2015-11-17 / 01:04:22

barkathali Says:

where is location in doha showroom to be find out nexus6p and nexus 5x 2015-10-10 07:30:03

2015-11-06 / 23:30:46

Ash Says:

where can I get it in HK? this week?

2015-11-03 / 00:24:40

SSSB Says:

Where in turkey (istanbul) I can buy it?

2015-10-27 / 19:41:42

Atif Says:

Can you please let me know where i can buy it in Lahore Pakistan?

2015-10-26 / 08:16:03

sachin Says:

when will it available in Dubai? No sign yet

2015-10-25 / 07:03:01

John Says:

Where can I buy the Nexus 6P in Bangkok

2015-10-20 / 23:39:24

ram agarwal Says:

Please can you tell me where can I get nexus 6p frost white in dubai.

2015-10-19 / 04:01:21

Yarko Says:

Hi! Will nexus 6p be available somewhere in Sonderborg? Thanks!

2015-10-16 / 17:29:16

Naresh Jangir Says:

where is location in doha showroom to be find out nexus6p and nexus 5x

2015-10-10 / 04:00:03

Giri KRM Says:

Where from can I buy Nexus 6P in UAE?

2015-10-05 / 00:46:29

susil Says:

I want to know the location of this showroom in Qatar.where is it?

2015-10-04 / 00:55:35

khaled mahmood Says:

when it will be available in Bangladesh market

2015-10-02 / 05:59:23

Shakeeb Shuweb Says:

Thank you very much for the above information. Can you please let us know the Nexus 6p store names where its available in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Many thanks in advance

2015-10-01 / 15:54:40


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