All HD 720p Elephone Smartphone In Armenia, Price And Specs

Elephone G7
Elephone G7

AMD 53,350
Elephone S2 Plus

AMD 77,600
Elephone P5000 image
Elephone P5000

AMD 87,300
Elephone G5 image
Elephone G5

AMD 58,200
Elephone G6 Image
Elephone G6

AMD 67,900
Elephone G4 Image
Elephone G4

AMD 43,650
 Elephone P2000c Image
Elephone P2000c

AMD 58,200
Elephone p10 image
Elephone p10

AMD 72,750
Elephone P9 image
Elephone P9

AMD 101,850
 Elephone P7 mini Image
Elephone P7 mini

AMD 48,500
 Elephone P4000 image
Elephone P4000

AMD 97,000

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