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Nexus 6 Main Features Deep Discussion

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Motorola recently revealed the device known as Nexus 6. Motorola make this device for Google and Google allows the company to promote their name with the device instead of Google. Before its official placement many rumors and news revealed much information about the device. The device carries the code name “Shamu”. Motorola select this name for the device by inspiring the world biggest mammal orca whale. Motorola select this name for the device because they think this is the big handset. In fact this is the Google’s first phablet.

 Motorola nexus 6

Rumors come in front of us in many pieces. Initially the information was revealed about the screen size of the phablet and according to the rumor the screen size is 5.9 inches and beside the information we get many images of the device. But now the handset already takes the official place and now everything about the device is on the surface here we are discussing bit details about the handset. What the handset has offer to the users.


5.9 Inch Quad HD Display and High Resolution

We already let the users know the logic behind the code name of the handset that why Motorola select the name ‘Shamu’ for the device. This is the one reason another reason for selecting this name the large display. Motorola Nexus 6 has 5.9 inches Quad HD display and because of the large display the handset stands in the line of Phablet.

Processor and Memory

This is the fast time and many giant handsets come with many faster processors and chipset. Motorola select and place Snapdragon 805 Qualcomm system on chip. The chip set is combined with quad core 2.56 GHz Krait 450 processor. Company placed 3 GB RAM inside the device and for graphical purpose company placed Adreno 420 GPU. There is no doubt this is one of the powerful phablet.

Giant camera with OIS

Motorola Nexus 6 Camera

Motorola give the big bump to the device. Company embedded 13 mega pixel camera in the device and the camera has a smart OIS (optical image stabilization) feature which makes the device really smart. This is not enough the camera has dual LED flashed which is similar with Moto X 2014 edition. This is well enough for satisfying the photography passion of the users.

32GB Internal storage, provision is lack

Motorola give challenge to the Samsung and revealed the Nexus 6 with 32 GB on board memory and the basic version comes with 16 GB memory, but there is a lacking found in the device. Motorola does not give the provision to the device for extending the on board memory and users are restricted here and they don’t have any other option extend the on board memory.

Improved signals and antenna technology

Motorola really work hard and not the big but achieve their target by using improve technology. Company placed the new antenna technology inside the device and this technology energetically changes the reaction of the ports depending upon the handset position that how users hold the handset. The same improve antenna technology found inside the Motorola Moto X 2014. Motorola take the wise step and by placing this antenna in the device try to provide the uninterrupted signal strength to the users.

Comprehensive Price and availability

Users are expecting lot from the device and company expect too from the markets. The device is packed with many good features but it has a little cost in comparison with Nexus 5 and Nexus 4. The handset will be available in $499. However the handset is not standing in affordable price category but the handset is also not be in line of high price devices. The handset will hit the markets shelves on 3rd November. Users need to wait bit for having this powerful device.


Carriers Offer the Nexus 6

Nexus phones don’t need the introduction. They all the great according to the hardware configuration and users are quite satisfied while using the Nexus devices. Before this Nexus device only selected carriers offered the  Nexus devices but this is the first time that all major USA carriers will start the Nexus 6 in the USA and this is the first Nexus device will available in USA in this wide range.


 Users will get the Nexus 6 device in couple of weeks. Hopefully users are happy with their Nexus 6 device and the device fulfills their requirements as well.

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