Nokia 9 PureView Full Review

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Nokia 9 PureView Full Review

The picky one ‘9 PureView, is prepared by HMD Global, having an in-display fingerprint, enhanced battery life. At the launch, the sale price of the phone for the first week of March 2019, lands at $599 is quite well while it’s put on the some market price reaches at $699. An excitement showers via five-camera system founded by the Nokia 9 PureView after extended time. A photography aficionado would compel to purchase it. The partial-version the Nokia 9 Pureview boosts up ingenuity in its five cameras.

Body Design, And Display

The display screen is conventional with none  of  fantastic on frontage of  the Nokia 9, principles applied are not modern due to not adding punch- hole for camera on the screen and none of a notch Which is the most appealing screen style nowadays.

As an alternative p-OLED screen is placed in which the thin bezels are placed on the top and the bottoms are some ugly but in spite of this the entire phone gives smart look. Striking point is its manufacturer metal material,  belonging to 6000 aluminum series, for extra strapping unibody is harmonizing by Gorilla Glass v5, The easy hand holding via slightly round edges, and the phone gives smart looks rather than bulky. Its fine-build materiel made it quite slippery, even if the lover must be alert during with-out casing use.

The power and volume keys are in a queue put up the shutters to gather easily in access. On touching the power button bestows smoothness in realization. A USB-C port sits at the bottom in same side of pre-mentioned keys. There is none of the camera or the else wallop on frontage, the Nokia 9 is flat when on smooth-table putting.

The display monitor is 5.99inches POLED screen with 2,880 x 1,440 resolution, it’s some-less before the Dynamic AMOLED display panel. Actually time after time the screen’s brightness, without putting odd impression in direct for the period of bright sunlight, in colors tone, the screen is more than drenched compare to time-bros.

HDR10 sports the Nokia 9 supplies good distinction to Movies and videos watching pleasure, due to a higher Dynamic range. The phone’s bottom dismissal speakers are in ease to lump when watching some comfortable in portrait Mode orientation. The loud sound is well elaborate, but HMD have used stereo on front for speakers, in particular allowed space for, on the bottom bezels.

Now the rear has drawn attention with five cameras setup, arranged as the carbon copy of spider eyes, or the bunch of holes. That is admiring feature, the cameras go red on the back that makes it even more impressive, here are too not the camera bump on the Nokia 9 rear, it lie flat on table, a clear calm design comes much glad about.

 The Nokia 9 has joined the brandish of smartphones by adding in-display fingerprint sensors, like the Galaxy S10, and the Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro. On using the diverse in technology the ultrasonic tech by the Samsung Mobile is the newest feature. In case of this phone by pressing onto the display, you get registered; it’s fastidious about to recognize the feature. You may either resorted by just using a pattern unlock and the Face Unlock on other hand, however it doesn’t work well to secure apps.

The Nokia 9 PureView only draw closer in a single color option the blue, it seems a luxurious alternative to prefer for.

Equips management and performances:

The Nokia 9 gets power by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset, which is adult as compare to the 855 processor, approximately each of the flagships smartphone used it during 2018 session, Somehow now year via this wound up clients, due the 2019 Android phones mostly equipping Snapdragon 855.

On the true bed Snapdragon 845 runs with accurate performance by chaining the 6GB of RAM help but it suffer buyer to get a fresh phone keeping the use of preceding-tech inside. Well, lock the worries for the Nokia 9 PureView undertakes the rich-games like Alto’s Odyssey, Pako 2, and Breakneck. Habitual tasks accomplishment with split-screen via apps pretenses none of problems either.

Some of the benchmark decisions:

AnTuTu 3D Bench: 275,985

Geekbench CPU: single-cores is 2,363 and 8,783 for multi-cores

The Nokia 9 achieves a bit-less in front of the Pixel 3 and the OnePlus 6T (with 855) in AnTuTu benchmark point’s picture. Expect the same performance from this under review device during use, you will find no feel if the phone using what chipset for bring about tasks.

The clear motive for the be deficient in of a Snapdragon 855, that it is in development-process as for a quite new, and HMD worked directly through Qualcomm to the 845 processor’s supports for the five-camera assortment.

 Luckily, the Nokia 9 move towards 128GB of internal storage, which is found in most flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S10 range or the Vivo V15 Pro. MicroSD card support is by will be missed, the brand feels that the quite large files could store in massive storage with ease.

The Phone Cameras 

Be aware of that the Snapdragon 845 chipset within the Nokia 9 is equipped avoiding the 855; complex multi-tasking-chipset by structure due to the designed is fit for the five cameras. The extraordinary Lux Capacitor chipset helps the phone to tie together the full power of the Snapdragon 845 for the cameras practices. Five cameras could capture a large amount of data; therefore the Image Signal Processor (ISP) help to calculate info come to five cameras. The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) conveys, noise reduction three times more, power consumption 10 times lower, and the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) administer the captured at 1,200 layers of depth map.

This is a secure corporation with Qualcomm that made the camera job possible, even if the HMD tried to ensure the cameras with Zeiss for accurate results, and the max-camera technology as well as the Lux Capacitor comes in teamwork with Light. As briefing, Light helps to make the L16, a 16 MP camera so as to assure DSLR picture quality. HMD and Light has offered Nokia 9 Pureview smartphone with fifth generation imaging in photography fanatics.

“All at once” looks the camera slogan by Nokia founded in 9 PureView, here question arose why the other considered low-in-quality are? Because they have no clear roles to let you use all at once. As an alternative, they typically use a normal lens balanced to a telephoto lens for 2x optical zoom, some of them use Ultra Wide Angle lens to get broad shots. Thanks to HMD for awarding the gift of the Nokia 9 which is getting five 12MP lenses with an f/1.8 aperture for each. Just the one Taping of shutter button send the all five cameras for snapping a single photo. Sometimes you can choose blend of all as one for a more comprehensive picture.

Mix blend of five cams take some long time as 5-10 seconds, depending on if you are having break with how-many cameras deal, it is quite unusual way. The delay disturbs to post to social media that usually followed with smartphones of just sharing a photo at once as snapped it.  Here the using the Nokia 9 felt some parallel to approach to the DSLR.

Three sensors of the cameras are monochromatic, the other two are RGB. That’s why monochromatic sensors would capture 2.9 times more light than RGB cameras, here the Nokia 9 holds prospective to carry 10 times extra light. The use of three sensors gives a fantastic ‘monochrome camera mode’ for shots of actual black & white images as a lot of lovers to pursue this slandered style.

The standard photo in one word, twinkles to mind is natural-photography. The often called these photos as true-life-photos, loved to view and capture a smartphone. The deficiency of pithy colors is the odd point of the Nokia 9 PureView. This phone cuisines to photographers, and is the ideal to be a very close to capture reality looks, you can edit photos to bring photos close the favorite color shades via image processing algorithm.

Low-light photographs miss a bit of details to be less-rich photos in front of shots taken in good light conditions. The optical image stabilization is missed so be clever to ensure for blurry photos at night. The Nokia 9 approximately captures the exact environment, evaluate to bro phones. It reminds the identical mood felt in the environment, and upholds the natural looks.

The both photo forms JPEG and RAW could avail via using the format by turning into the camera settings. Taken a RAW image contains more information against JPEG along the Adobe Lightroom Android app, it proposes perfect control on photographs, is a plus edge of using the Nokia 9 PureView. The five cameras capture so much of impressive RAW images on the smartphone, and much more one can do with RAW images like the operations on iPhone and Pixel 3.

The person’s face details come rich in the JPEG file; the RAW make it easy to bring change in animations. One can edit any capture photo, the phone in market become a fanatic photographer, even a savoir-faire photo editor can post snaps on social media points but he/she must be an owner of Nokia 9 PureView. Adobe will update to the Android Lightroom app for the support of all five lens contour on the Nokia 9, for the expansion of improved image quality and for vigorous control.

On switching the Nokia 9’s Depth Map feature the five cameras will capture an excess to 1,200 layers of depth data in shots but it doesn’t work while you are in use of Monochrome mode, here you find entirely redeploy of shots, the background or foreground blur concentration also be regulated. Finally we pick modify photo appears on an impressively identified rank of Depth in images via the well cameras. The blur upshot offers good results occasionally occurred errors are the user’s knowhow. With strong bokeh the Nokia 9 at present is the most excellent camera smartphone, and you will find more control on photo editing on spending much of time with it.

The Selfie master on front is 20MP camera which can create thorough images, although there are a bit low HDR performances for rich and strong puffed up attractions in the background when the climate is sunny. There are a small number of camera features like the Pro Mode, which allows taking 5-10 second for extended exposure in photos for bright shots in night times.

Most precious thing is Bothie mode which allows the use of the front and rear cameras at once, out-of-imagine results would be there in your creativity gallery after its use, and Live Bokeh mode is of the same kind for the Portrait Mode which work come on equal point to Depth Map.

 Aficionado photography said to be possible with all the potentials only on the Nokia 9 it is so much over the Pixel 3 which gives just far-fetched photos by tap key.  The controlling of my photographs-area gives a wide-ranging set of talents, more creativity to capture, supplies a long time for fun with cameras in one smartphone.

Android One

An Android One smartphone it is, which brings no worry in the running of the phone’s software it runs a smooth, spick and span description of Android, also famous via name ‘stock Android, with none of bloat-ware. The considered trading edges for the mobile are the fast and modernize software performances. The Nokia 9 PureView claims two years of version and three years of security updates. It’s running on the latest Android 9 Pie with un-boxing, and HMD already has a good history of sustaining a fast pace of updates for its whole devices.

There are virtually no other software features on the phone, which is a part of the allure of Android One. This fundamentals move toward aids to make the interface simple to utilize, in spite of that if it is running still on fine boundaries.


A 3,320mAh battery is crammed in the phone casing, assuring the buyer of the Nokia 9 the lasting for about a day with heavy use along the single charge. The regular use hits 25 percent life by 6-hours, 

Being a heavy user, avail a superior chance, plugging it into a charger to make sure the long lasting uses. Though we’re enormously interested that the shooting and processing with all of five lens images, extensively the battery will drain away, on other hand when it delivering screen-on around three hours of time of battery life losts away.

At last the Qi support mends the wounds, if you are busy in an office, place it for a wireless charging pad for the whole time to keep its charging back-up on tops.

Price, Availability, and Warranty

The Nokia 9 PureView costs $699 and goes on sale in the U.S. starting March 4. Now’s limited version of the phone is shipped, HMD has certain accumulation when it will runs out, it would find no-more stocks for next demand-orders, it’s presently unclear after the entrance the phone is as before now  the supply could be reversed till April. The orders will be foreword from Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, and through special agreement, the purchases of the phone in first week of its launch will enjoy discounting in the price by HMD, therefore the phone will price tag at $599 from March 4 to March 10 instead of $699.

HMD Global offers a typical restricted warranty so as to swathe minor manufacturer faults for 12 months which will begin along the date of purchase.

Our Judgment

If you don’t care much for the camera on a phone, or you want a camera to quickly capture good pictures, the Nokia 9 PureView is not for you. It can capture great photos without needing to fuss about with the RAW files, but the phone’s true potential is unlocked when you embrace all its features. Nokia Smartphone is an extremely fun camera to use, with a strong display, great performance, and sparkling Android software. Battery life is a little unsatisfactory though this fault is covered via wireless charging, {and I wish the fingerprint sensor was better}.


There are some options not fully match but a few, firstly on honoring the presentation and software customization, the OnePlus 6T comes on front-page, also it costs $550 but along this two ground its came-section is weak . Secondly the Pixel 3 comes on some high point of choices  for the lovers of  grand software and a grand camera which are steadfast spontaneous and first-class photo clicks with no need to do else, and the Pixel 3 will set back at $799 which is higher in price section. The only Huawei’s P20 Pro which is Leica-tuned could gave a tough-time to reviewed device, a little option that could challenge the Nokia 9 PureView with absolute enjoyment as we strike the shutter key.

Our opinion And Warranty

The body of the phone is IP67 water resistant, which is considered the standard for each and every one flagship phones, and the Nokia 9 will keep breathing on when sunken up to 1 meter for 30 minute, and because of slippery body you can beautify it with color-full case, become essential to look after the glass on together sides.

This is an Android One phone, awarding you two years of Android version updates, and long since three years of security updates. This is good-luck for Nokia 9 PureView.

Great Selfies with 6-cameras (optionally), intellectual photographs with chosen from five Cameras and seeing the sights with all diverse cam-features in only one phone, get benefit through its discount or by full price sells to accomplish your love for the Nokia 9.

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