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Samsung Galaxy S7: accelerate performance with Surface Changes

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In Android world Samsung galaxy S7 rumors are the hot topic now days. Samsung is planning to release Galaxy S7 with significant changes in specifications. Rather than changing the design, Samsung is focusing on hardware improvement in its forthcoming flagship Galaxy s7. S7 will be an advanced version of Galaxy S6.

It is difficult to convey exact information about upcoming device, but we have collected best leaks, news and rumors about Galaxy S7. According to the Korean Times: In Galaxy S7, Samsung will accentuate performance, picture quality and processing speed because of the new OLEDs, latest processor, and new DRAMs.  The report highlighted that S7 will come with little changes in its design so it will look identical to Note 5 and Galaxy S6. Samsung’s choice to keep the S7’s design similar to S6 could disappoint to Samsung lovers.
Top Technology contributor at Fobes Gordon Kelly says: Costly glass around the mobile will be an additional benefit.  It might also come with MicroSD and removable battery.
In addition, Snapdragon 820 processor will be used in S7 to guarantee quick charging and faster processing, it is also expected to use in other Android devices such as HTC, LG and Xiaomi etc. There is a news the latest chipset may overheat the mobile. Samsung is trying to solve the problem and the issue by patching microprocessor and chip. In case of continuous problem, to reduce the heat the company would reflect on using an internal radiating pipe.
It feels like S7 will not hit the market as Galaxy S6 did with classic design and brilliant features. It is completely unidentified how these changes will work with S7.  But still thanks to Snapdragon 820 processor because it is a real aid in boosting performance.  Overheating is the biggest problem in Samsung’s devices so the company is looking for a permanent solution.
It is also rumored that Samsung will release Galaxy S7 with in different countries with a diverse processor choice. Galaxy S6 was launched in the first quarter of 2015 so it is expected that S7 will be in hands by February 2016. There is no authentic information about cost of the upcoming release, but taking history into account the mobile will carry a price tag between USD $800-850.

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