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Samsung Galaxy TabPro S tablet Preview Hands-On

Maq Ahmed Editor Rating: 3.9 / 5


We didn’t expect to see Samsung Galaxy TabPro S tablet at CES 2016 but the surprising tablet is coming. Usually, Samsung Company is recognized for Android devices, but TabPro S tablet runs Window 10. Let’s converse about the tablet, its specifications and features that make table more interesting and unique as compared to previous Galaxy tablet.


The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S tablet is another plastic piece of the company, but it is well finished once again. The tablet is flat from back side which is made from apathetic plastic but it will be covered by keyboard cover that comes with the tablet. The keyboard comes with big track pad which is too deprived for use in reality because small track pads are really great for work. The keyboard is not that much impressive so we expect that third parties will appear to serve in a better way.  All in all overall design of the tablet is great and looks nice which can easily appeal to Samsung fans.


Well, as per as specifications concern is, the specifications of the tablet are admirable. The tablet features 12-inch 2160x1440 resolution on top of the Super AMOLED technology. It means that we will get same stunning images that we can expect from Samsung displays.The Galaxy TabPro S is powered by Intel Core M dual core 2.2GHz, it has 4GB of RAM, up to 256GB of SSD, and comes with 5MP cameras on the back.

The tablet runs Windows 10 which makes the device more sensible than Android OS. Thanks to Windows 10 the screen performs nicely, its animations make it more fluid, so performance is excellent. Some other accessories like multiport adapter and Bluetooth Pen are also available to buy separately and use with the tablet.


The tablet comes with great features that are absolutely missing in previous Galaxy tablets. One worthy feature is that tablet can be synced with your phone. Samsung enhanced security and it lets users to connect device with tablet and use fingerprint scanner and to secure the both devices. To use the feature, users have to pair both devices together with NFC and then use the sensor open up both.

Another amazing feature of the tab is that you can get your mobile messages on the tablet as well, it is combination of nice feature if you have got both together. 


Till date, assuming price is not known because Samsung didn’t utter a single word against the price tag of the tablet. Whereas, Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is a better option to replace bulky laptops from tables.

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