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Xiaomi Redmi 3 with Large Battery and Bigger Display Quite Better than Lenovo Lemon 3

Maq Ahmed Editor Rating: 3.9 / 5

Lenovo and Xiaomi both are Chinese mobile manufacturers. Recently, Xiaomi launched Xiaomi Redmi 3 mobile and Lenovo released Lenovo Lemon 3. Current year is going to be great because many outstanding smartphones will hit the market.


Let’s glance at Xiaomi Redmi 3 and Lenovo Lemon 3. When you look at Redmi 3 it looks similar to Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 which was launched in November 2015.  Xiaomi Redmi 3 carries the aluminum finish which looks appealing and feels nice. The design of the Redmi 3 is quite clean, although the Chinese maker has managed to include an exclusive looking textured back, which has dotted diamond shapes on the backside as well. The design and body of the mobiles look trendy too.


Xiaomi Redmi 3 doesn't come with a fingerprint scanner. On the other side of the barrier, the metal body Lenovo Lemon 3 comes with a 5” screen, similar to Redmi 3. Apart from that Lenovo Lemon 3 is a little lighter than Xiaomi Redmi 3. Back side of Lenovo Lemon 3 is simple as compared to Xiaomi’s newly launched mobile. Lenovo Lemon 3 includes only the company’s logo. It's not quite as appealing as the Redmi 3 in looks. Xiaomi Redmi 3 doesn’t have a button below the display like Lenovo Lemon 3 has. The general appearance of the phone reminds us of the Lenovo K3 Note.




 In the specification section, let’s compare specification of both devices. Like many other android phone available in the market Xiaomi Redmi 3 and Lenovo Lemon 3 are powered by Snapdragon 616 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16 GB internal memory which is expandable memory via MicroSD.  Both gadgets have a 13 MP primary camera with LED flash on the back and a 5 MP secondary camera.The Xiaomi Redmi 3 features a 5 inch HD screen with a 720 x 1,280 resolution, whereas the Lenovo Lemon 3 has a Full HD display and 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. Simply Lenovo Lemon 3 comes with a better display.

To keep lights on Xiaomi Redmi 3 arrives with a 4,100 mAh battery, while Lenovo Lemon 3 has a 2,750 mAh battery which is considerably diverse, this point you can keep in mind while purchasing a handset. Lemon 3 has a higher resolution screen, but a smaller battery size which affects the lifetime of the Lemon 3 as compared to Redmi 3's battery life.

Both Lenovo Lemon 3 and Xiaomi Redmi 3 carry a 699 Yuan/ US$106 price tag which is pretty affordable. It means that with just US$106 you can enjoy Android smartphone with amazing features. Both devices have amazing features and no one can deny from this reality.

Both devices are identical in specifications but there is little difference which separates these devices. Processing power, camera and storage space is same, but Xiaomi Redmi 3 got an eye-catching look due to its backside. One huge difference is the battery life and second is lower resolution. If you are looking for a phone for viewing Instagram pictures and videos opt for Lenovo Lemon 3 because you might find it more appealing.

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