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A Financial Advisor Sues Sony for 10,000 Pounds after His Xperia Exploded

Published on Sep 5,2017 By Maq Ahmed

A Sony Xperia Z2 has burst, giving third degree burns to a man.

Tom Collins, a 36-year-old financial advisor claims that his smartphone, Sony Xperia Z2 has burst into a “fireball”. He plans to sue the multi-million-dollar firm

Following the misfortunes of Samsung’s notorious explosions, Xperia is finding itself on the same path.

Mr. Collins, a financial adviser from Bedford, was rushed to hospital after his phone 'exploded', stripping the skin from his fingers.

The painful time period of three months had made him lose his job and his girlfriend.

When contacted, a Sony representative told MailOnline they were looking into the case.

According to Mr. Collins:

“It was the worst part of my life, it was a terrible time and it was awful, especially being on my own.”

He further states that he was in a hospital waiting room waiting for his burns to get dressed and there's a young girl sitting there with a phone and he’s thinking about the potential dangers about the exploding natures of the smartphones and inability of that young kid to realize the exploding nature of the smartphone. He finds it a miracle that the explosion didn’t kill him.

The explosion occurred on May 24, while Mr. Collins sent a text on Facebook Messenger, to his girlfriend.

He gave a statement about the phone suddenly getting warmed and making a small “thud” noise. As soon as he turned it over, black soot spread everywhere and he witnessed a bright flame coming outside the back of his phone.

He knew the battery had exploded. In uneasiness, he dropped the phone and his carpet caught fire.

“It looked like a rocket and within seconds the whole thing erupted like a fireball.”

A spokesman for Express Solicitors said that Sony was denying liability because the faulted smartphone still worked with another battery.

According to Jonathan Flattery, the lawyer of Tim Collins:

“Tom purchased his phone from a reputable manufacturer.”

Currently, Mr. Collins has sued Sony for 10,000 pounds and is unsatisfied with the investigations Sony has conducted.

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