All 5G Phones to launch in 2019, plus What is 5G and how much effective it is (Updated)

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Update: Samsung is allegedly working on the world's first 5G mid-range smartphone that would be Galaxy A90, according to the Galaxy Club. We didn't authenticate, so it could be either true or false. The Galaxy A90 is further said to launch under a new Galaxy R series, which is incoming.

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The term 5G had been in talks for years, but it had tested for the first time in Q4 2018, and later on has introduced in 2019, however, 5G establishment around the world will complete till 2020. Therefore, anyone who desires a 5G smartphone will soon be able to connect the world via the fastest ever connectivity. The trend seems to go upward quickly this year, and many mobile companies are taking part in spreading of 5G to improve communicating lifestyle. Below, we have pasted an investigated list of 5G phones coming in 2019.

Let us describe 5G connectivity for beginners. 5G is the latest cellular mobile communication also known as the fifth generation network, succeeds 3G and 4G, 4G LTE increases data transfer rate over older networks, decreases latency, and offers highly cost affected system with better capabilities and advanced infrastructure. 5G is next to 4G connectivity in a lineup that delivers rapid fast cellular services like group video calls and doubles downloading and uploading speeds. In fact, a 5G device is much as 1,000 times faster than a 4G one. The 4G has been transferring data in MBs while 5G is now having a transfer rate in GBs, and consumers could download HD movies and much more fast as just within seconds.



The largest international mobile vendor, Samsung is one first to introduce 5G smartphone earlier, the Galaxy S10 5G, they announced which in Feb at MWC 2019. Samsung informed their first 5G S10 model will shine on the shelves in April 2019, even though 5G will be limited to some regions America, China, and Europe, etc. The Company connects with the US and China Telecom to establish 5G over the world as early as possible.

The Galaxy S10 5G is an expensive phone with premium build quality, a 6.7in large display, six cameras, 8GB RAM, high-end SD855 chipset, and Wi-Fi 6 standard that allows up to 1.2Gbps speeds on 5G. Samsung 5G smartphone launches with 25W Super Fast Charge support to recharge its juicy 4500mAh battery. Wireless Charge is available, but there is something new called Wireless PowerShare mode to allow Reverse Wireless Charging for Power Bank.



How can we forget Huawei, the third major mobile merchant on this planet, when taking involves about future technology and smartphones? The Company is successfully leading a 5G device called Huawei Mate X, not only 5G but also foldable, that’s why Huawei claimed to be the world’s first to bring a Foldable 5G smartphone. The Mate X 5G was also amongst the MWC stars, which is now available for purchase at $2300, that’s mean expensive it is.

Interestingly, Huawei has built Mate X with its personal Balong 5000 modem to achieve 5G, however, all the other’s Android 5G smartphones till now powered by Qualcomm’s X50 modem to make a device capable of 5G. Huawei’s best efforts to supply 5G equipment are appreciable, but unfortunately, the US has banned the Huawei and blamed it to be a threat by the Chinese Govt.

Huawei Mate X 5G is also the world’s thinnest smartphone with an awesome 5.4mm dimension when unfolded and 11mm when folded, it unveiled with 2x AMOLED Displays combined with a hinge between them. Hinge goes invisible in tablet mode where R&D engineers performed well. The Kirin 980 performance, 8GB RAM, 55W Super Charge support, and Display Interaction modes are the most appealing features of the foldable 5G device.



Xiaomi is another competitor that brings the Mi MIX 3 5G smartphone in 2019. Earlier, a 4G version of the Mi MIX 3 had launched in 2018, as it had promised the brand has unveiled their 5G phone at MWC. Mi Mix 3 5G is a Sliding Camera phone with AMOLED Display, 6GB RAM, and it breathes Qualcomm’s SD855 and X50 processor. Mi Mix 3 is the cheapest 5G phone, priced at only $600. The China stock is shipping to the first destination, Europe and then other regions.

It’s not enough the Xiaomi Smartphone sets the record to download 256MB FHD standard video just within one second. The Donovan Sung, Xiaomi CEO honored the real 5G by claiming it to offer 2GB downloads per second for a starter.

Xiaomi might introduce one more 5G phone this year, according to the rumors, since the new technology would boost Mi mobile sales. We suggest it to be the Xiaomi Mi 7, if it comes true, the handset will be more expensive than the MIX line.



Do you know LG has made early access to a 5G smartphone? That’s sound good, and it happened fortunately when the brand got a victory over several tests on their first 5G smartphone, the LG V50 ThinQ 5G. The Korean Company has shared the V50 launch details at Barcelona tech show, mass production has started, whereas the pricing has not confirmed yet, expectedly $900.

LG 5G smartphone claims a 20times faster downloads than the 4G LTE band. We can download 1GB movies within three seconds. This achievement becomes possible with Snapdragon 855 and X50 modem, thanks to Qualcomm.

All is incomplete without Dual Screen accessory that makes it a foldable screen which lets the user play streams on the primary display while texting on the secondary one. The dual screen accessory doesn’t assemble permanently with the V50 ThinQ 5G, buy it separately with a casing for attachment. It makes easier to enjoy games like Asphalt Nitro 8 or PUBG.

LG brings new innovations with Hand ID, Veins ID, 3D Face Unlock and Rear Fingerprint Scanner to solve biometric issues. You may know 3D Face Unlock and Fingerprint biometric, but the Hand ID and Veins ID are new. Hand ID recognizes user palm for unlocking and follows the finger movements for gestures support they call which Air Motion gesture to volume up or down or take images. Vein ID reads the consumer’s veins and unlocks V50 when hands-on.



The Shenzhen-based ZTE once again hasn’t allowed his Chinese siblings (Huawei and Xiaomi) standing alone in the mobile tech field. Axon 10 Pro is the first 5G smartphone by ZTE, announced back at Mobile World Congress 2019. It is exclusive like the Galaxy S10 5G.

ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G highlighting features are 2GBps download speeds, Under-Display FR, 48MP Cam and 4000mAh Battery with Wireless Charging. Did you experience 48MP photography and 5G connectivity simultaneously ever before? If not, the Axon is knocking at your doors.


Other Upcoming 5G Smartphones

Qualcomm told in a press interview that there will be at least 15 to 20 smartphones to support 5G in 2019. Some listed OEMs brands by Qualcomm and expected 5G phones are as follows.



The tech giant Google is also taking part in promoting 5G phones and the Google developers are reportedly working on the Pixel 4 device that will be the first Google Pixel 5G smartphone.

What we can expect from the Pixel 5G is high-speed internet, a display bigger than 6 inches, more powerful SD855, and the king Android Q leaving the Pie behind for the young generation. Google could launch a separate 5G smartphone too, as it has not yet confirmed the Pixel 4 will definitely bring 5G or not.

A Chrome cast or Google Home Voice Assistant for the home services will launch alongside the flagship smartphone with 5G support, for what the search engine team has already contracted many networking suppliers.


The Huawei’s subsidiary, Honor is perhaps soon launching a 5G device. Honor CEO, Zhao had reported last year (2018) that his team is working on a 5G supporting smartphone (probably Honor Magic 3), and it would surely introduce a 5G phone in 2019. Speculations are Honor Magic 3 with 5G might debut late in October.

We know little about specs, but I expect the Honor Magic 3 5G to have Balong 5000 modem and Kirin 980, in combine work.



It’s a good chance for HTC to take the Company again to the heights of a new level, because the brand is having slow down production and strongly affected after selling to Google its soul, and a half of its employees. HTC seems to be out of the mobile market, but analysts have reported the launch of HTC 5G smartphone could affect the sales growth, and perhaps the brand will become again the apple of users’ eye.

We have already collected rumors. It will call the brand’s first 5G device or HTC 5G Hub, which will have 7,660 mAh battery to let you serve extra time on 5G streams.



Lenovo seems not to be interested in developing a 5G smartphone, but its subsidiary the Motorola Mobility is eagerly excited to unveil a Moto 5G Smartphone. For this purpose, they have already tested the Moto Z3 with 5G Moto mod. We expect the upcoming Moto Z4 to be a Motorola 5G phone.


The mature HMG Global is reportedly waiting and planning to release a quality Nokia 5G smartphone by 2020, rather than becoming the first ones, a plausible reason through sources that 5G will be widely available till 2020. However, we don’t confirm the possible 5G launch may happen in 2019. The Nokia 9.1 or Nokia 10 is expectedly the upcoming 5G devices, and HMD could introduce a separate lineup too.



Oneplus has made official that the next Oneplus 2019 smartphone will support 5G. Since the brand launches a standard and a T series version and after the last year’s Oneplus 6 with 4G, the 2019’s Oneplus 7 and 7T will debut alongside Oneplus 7 5G smartphone.


Oppo 5G smartphone has confirmed to launch in mid-2019, and it will further have Qualcomm SD855 and X50 modem unlike Huawei to implant personal chips. Any name for Oppo 5G phone is reportedly carrying an Oppo Reno 5G moniker, and we can expect it as costly.



A winning star in the mobile market, the Vivo has promised to bring its 5G smartphone soon to the world, this year. The company has successfully tested a 5G call and services on its smartphones, too. The Voice President of Vivo said, “The 5G era will spark abundant and new possibilities for the smartphone industry”.

Vivo X29, the successor to Vivo X27 will also bring support for 5G.



The rumors and recent reports are a Sony 5G smartphone is under manufacturing, and it will look like Xperia 1, the most exclusive device never by the Japanese brand.


An international calling service company, Figgers working over 80+ countries and also a smartphone manufacturer had established in Florida, USA in 2009. The team of Figgers has listed the Figgers F3 5G smartphone with coming soon status on their official website

Freddie Figgers, CEO of the company published an image on Instagram and informed that Figgers F3 will be the first 5G device made in America. Further, it tells the F3 smartphone will be compatible with any service or cellular connectivity all over the world. We don’t know what kind of chip or modem it will use. 5G is unavailable in most regions, so how it will make possible.

Freddie, via the same source, reported the Figgers F3 will provide water resistance and will have a 4k display and 1TB Internal Storage. The most astonishing subject is Super Bass Charge which claims to recharge Figgers F3 wirelessly within 5 meters range. That’s probably the highest wireless charging range ever, and earlier before we have had heard only rumors and concepts.

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