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Great Features of Android and iOS

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Great Features  of Android and iOS

You may be used to something and maybe liking it for its qualities and must be fan of it. It is so because you have not seen something better and when better comes the fans get shocked. Probably this might be the case with iOS fans and they may get skeptical about it when they find better features in Android. These very fans shift their loyalty to Android. It can be vice versa.

Apple is losing its admirers day by day because of increasing popularity of Android. However Android does not pose this threat to other operating systems like windows and others. There are technical reasons for shifting this popularity and liking, although, each one them may have its own good points. There is nothing to speak ill of any one particular operating system but we are only highlighting some features of Android and iOS.

Design variation

This is a fact that Google is not particular to use new design all the time. The material design apps are not very efficiently followed on iOS and it seems only refurbishing of the old one without giving any better impression. The design language of iOS is not very cohesive therefore does not give any improved impression. Although some weaknesses are seen in material designed adaptation by Android but they are much less than iOS. Technically this makes a lot of difference.


iOS is better streamlined

Here iOS has an upper hand over Android. iOS is more intuitive and follows a philosophy that there is a way to do everything. Android is not that particular about it. We find every different manufacturer giving it different user interface or Android based device. On iOS device, users can disable auto correct whereas this feature is not available in Android operating system. All iOS phones use a similar and uniform user interface and we find no difference from one manufacturer to the other.

Operating system updates

It is true that Android rolls out updates and new versions are announced and appear, but it keeps its users on the waiting to receive them. No fixed time schedule is known by the users and they have to wait indefinitely to receive the new update. Maybe the Nexus device receives it earlier but other manufacturers are pretty slow in this and they may take you months to issue official version of the operating system and it may take longer to reach the end user. Further delay is caused by the carrier companies. On the contrary iOS new versions once issued by Apple do not take long to r each the users.

No  misguidance with the "bloat ware" apps

Whatever Android Phone you are using you do not have any unwanted apps in your operating system and they are not pre installed as well. Although there are chances of having these fake software features but inherently they are not present in the operating system installed. Although there is a tendency with the manufacturers to install everything they think of which later cause inconvenience to the users and they have to be removed manually to clear the device from this trash.    

Apple on required basis pre-installs some apps which do no good to most iOS users. Apple Watch app that arrived alongside the iOS 8.2 update is not found really useful. However, the Android software is more loaded with such apps and causes inconvenience.

Control Center in iOS, more intuitive & easier to use

iOS' Control Center is accessible from any screen and is flexible in providing the most vital switches, controls, and apps, as well as nifty music controls and a volume slider. However Android's Quick Settings and notification drawer are much lower in standing with iOS. It is more cluttered and unintuitive. Android Lollipop, for example, requires more action to access the desired app, for example to swipe twice from the top to access your toggles or use a double-finger gesture. iOS' Control Center is easier with a simple swipe up from the bottom of the screen and is user-friendly solution, even on the large iPhone 6 Plus.

Camera apps are limited in Android

The camera in iOS is better in Software by default and much better in features than the Google's default camera app. Manual exposure control, automatic exposure/auto-focus lock are lacking in Android.

You will miss iCloud backup

Android has emulated iCloud's backup feature but it is not intuitive and convenient in use of iCloud. Whenever a user whishes to use the facility of iCloud he has to go through different steps, root it, flash a compatible custom recovery, and create a Nandroid backup. iOS has the upper hand in iCloud backup because it is their indigenous product and they have provided much better facility in linking iOS with iCloud.  

Apple has a better HealthKit than Google

Apple is well known and they know the working strategy. If any user use to of Apple  Health app than user will probably be not like the Google Fit. There is no difference found between both of them according to the functionality but they are not exactly same. Apple health kit has much better features than the Google Fit. Because of Apple’s HealthKit and ResearchKit the iOS device can provide much medical information and keeps and maintain all of the health data that can be shared with your doctor.

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