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Huawei Ascend P8 Hands On

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There is a very tough completion in the field of smartphone manufacturing and every manufacturer try to push back to its rival try to touch the high rank in the field and want to become no 1 and for archiving that purpose every one try to combined many features in one device and make them available at a very reasonable price. In the year 2014 Huawei revealed many handsets and they all belongs from low to mid range category and this strategy give big boost to the company Huawei Ascend P7 is one of them but its time for another giant the company is ready to launch the successor of Ascend P7 with many changes. The upcoming handset is known as Ascend P8. Here we are going to discuss main features of smartphone in details.

Huawei Ascend P8

Design and Display

Design of Huawei Ascend P8Design is the main point of consideration for the users because they want to use the mobile slim and sleek look and this is the main point for the companies to make the handset in slim and sleek body because the company also think over to endurance of the handset and in the mean time they also compete the competitors, reduce and control cost the handset manufacturing and give quality products to the users. For archiving this target Huawei designed Ascend P8 in premium look and use metal frame for making the body of device.  The metal body is not only give the premium look to the device but also the handset looks pretty in metal chassis and the back panel of the smartphone is appear with the texture pattern.

Display Image of Ascend P8The Huawei Ascend P8 has 5.2 inches large screen having 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution which provides 424 ppi density. The type of the screen is IPS LCD which is protected with Gorilla Glass which increases the durability of mobile. With the large display and the prefect resolution as a result users will get the prefect sharp and bright screen and the screen are readable in all types of light condition.

Software and User Interface

Interface of Ascend P8Why Huawei select the older version of operating system. The Ascend P8 runs Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system instead of Lollipop 5.0. There is no fault found in KitKat version of operating system but the new version is come with better features and improved interface. KitKat is the easiest interface and everyone can use this without any obstacle because of its compact versatility the operating system uses minimum power of handset battery and gives the sufficient backup to the handset.

Processor and Memory

 Processor and memory play the important role in demand of smartphone. Users prefer to use the handset which is fast is working and has the sufficient memory which will allow them to save large game file, music, movies and their personal data in their handsets. For fulfilling this purpose and compete the rivals Huawei placed octa core processor combined with HiSilicon Kirin 930 chipset which is 64 bit and Huawei is the manufacture of this chipset.  This chipset handle the heavy graphical task and easily deliver the desirable result to the users. For archiving the storage target company placed 3 GB RAM along with 32 GB onboard memory which can be further extended externally up to 64 GB via microSD card. Users will not face the insufficient memory problem while download and run large game files, music, movies and store their data on their handset and will access them anytime anywhere when ever required to access.


 Camera of Huawei Ascend P8This is one of the main feature of any smartphone and the camera decide the future of the mobile because there is a trend to use high end camera with different features and there are lots of smartphones available in the market which are equipped with high end camera so if Huawei want to be in the wing they need to follow the trend with maximum feature. In Ascend P8 company select 13 mega pixel rear camera with 4160 x 3120 Pixels and Autofocus, Led Flash and optical image stabilization. This OIS system is a technology specially designed for cameras that physically moves the camera lens to balance the camera movement and users can easily adjust and take the far object images without facing the distance problem. OIS uses an insignificant gyroscope to sense small hand movements and direct small actuators to move the lens in real time, in the opposite direction to balance the camera and this keeps the image stable for the camera sensor even though the camera has moved.

Beside the rear smart camera the Ascend P8 also has 8 mega pixel front facing camera. By using this well enough front facing camera users are able to take better selfies and will have the great experience of video calling.


For running the whole handset in a logical manner the smartphone need a powerful backup to keep the cell phone alive. For this Huawei placed non removable 4000mAh battery inside the handset. Without any doubt the battery of the handset is powerful and gives sufficient backup to the mobile. The main draw back of the handset is the battery is non removable. Users are stuck up with this because they can not change the battery if anything goes wrong with the battery.

Price and Release date

Previously we learned that the handset will make the public appearance in CES 2015 but later company changed the program and the rumors afloat over the internet that Ascend P8 will introduce during MWC 2014 which is hold on 1 March 2015 at Barcelona but company gives the new schedule for launching the Ascend P8. Huawei’s arrange the event in London on 15th April 2015 and in the event company will go to introduce Ascend P8.

There is no information about the price of the handset is revealed but it is expected that the handset will carry the approximate $490 price tag.

Early Verdict

 However Huawei is not going to launch the handset in MWC that does not mean the company takes their steps back but they have some tablet and wearable to introduce in MWC 2015. According to the specification of Ascend P8 the smartphone will carry good enough hardware configuration and users will quite satisfy with this phone and it is expected that the phone performs well and increase the market share for Huawei. If the price becomes true the handset might beat the rivals easily.


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