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Windows Phone 10 new and improved features

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Rumors have been floating about Windows Phone 10 after Windows phone 9 was released. The Window Phone 10 operating system is coming with new features designed by Microsoft. Whatever we are going t o say about Windows Phone 10 in this preview is not going to be very true but here we are giving technical aspects of this new version of operating system but we are going to know about it after 1st March 2015. Windows 10 is actually desktop version to be released in 2nd half 2015 and the smartphone is also likely to come around the same time. More and reliable information would be available after 2nd March that Microsoft will hold a press event at MWC. This operating system maybe available in Feb but for developers only . once it has been released the Windows 10 updates will be available for free for one year. This free availability is only for Windows Phone 8.1 and none other will get it. Although windows 10 is a full fledged operating system but it has been optimized for the smartphones screen as well. Users will have all the windows features, word and power point on your mobile screen as they have it in their desktop.

Windows Phone 10


 Windows 10 will appear in live tiles on the mobile screen and may not be looking the same as on desktop screen but the difference is not much. If you swipe to the right users will find the apps list as they had on previous version but the most recent apps will be seen on top and you can easily download them.  The screen settings will have a new look to resemble desktop and tablets. Users will have a wider range of quick settings as compare to windows 8 and in different colors scheme.

Windows 10 Keyboard and Messaging

It is slightly improved over windows 8.1 and additional features has been added. The keyboard can be resized and move around the screen befitting your convenience. The keyboard also allows the users to switch between sms and Skype without switching the apps and it can out but symbols instead of writing. The same keyboard will take the users to the contact list.

Camera ,Photo and Photo Apps

It will have the new photo apps with identification of universal apps and syncs the images across all the windows 10 devices using one drive. Incase you have duplicate images it automatically deletes them and creates albums. If you are not using Lumia phone than users will see some changes because the Lumia camera is becoming a default feature in windows 10 smartphone featuring auto HDR, 4K video recording, Rich capture and Dynamic flash allowing the users to take photos without flash. If you have already use Lumia device, you will have all these features pre installed and you will not find much difference.

Compact Operating system

 The basic feature of Windows phone 10 is that it has been customize to fit on the smaller screen of the windows phones. As standard operating system for the smartphones the feature will look like as on the desktop and will work the same way. With this operating system users will get the full versions of Microsoft office as well.

Windows Phone devices

When windows phone 8 was released it was considered that windows 8 will not be available for windows phone 7 and windows phone 7.8 would be release to them. Now with windows 10 it will not be so restricted and users of windows 8 phone would also get windows 10.

Windows Phone 10 Release Date

There have been early rumor that windows 10 would be release in 2014 but the year has gone past and we are still at windows phone 8.1. now recently in the leaks we get to know that it would be released between 2nd and 3rd quarter of year 2015 that covers a big period of six months from April to September. However we are sure that it would be released in 2015. Windows 10 has been under development for many months and the final version of windows phone 10 has been sent to select partners for early testing.

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