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iOS 8.1 Update, New features and improvement

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Not many hours are left in release of iOS 8.1, an update to iOS 8 that comes with several bug fixes and improvements plus some great features.

Smartphones and updates are like made for each other, but when it comes to iOS updating, they are pretty stable and slow in update releases as compared to Android. Android likes to update every week if not day

iOS 8.1 Updates

Main features of iOS 8.1 Update

Apple Pay

Releasing on 20th October, is iOS 8.1 which includes a major update for smartphone users especially if you are currently using Barcode Service in your iPhone as iOS 8.1 will feature Apple Pay, a wallet service to use your NFC for mobile payments! Mobile payment system has been around for a while and it is said that nearly 60% of population will be using mobile payment system by 2016.
According to press release by Apple Inc. Developers will make sure that Apple Pay is private and secure. About 40 Major stores like McDonalds, Whole Food, Footlocker, Walgreens, Urban Outfitters, and Pet Smart will support Apple Pay initially and number of supported stores is likely to increase shortly.

Instant Hotspot

Instant Hotspot will allow user to share their iPhone’s Internet with Mac OS by simple clicking WIFI logo on your MAC! This will allow you to use internet on your MAC anywhere you want, also after connecting you will be able to see your Phone’s battery and signal strength right on your MAC device. Instant Hotspot will also be able to automatically turn off it nobody is using your internet connection for battery saving.
you will be required to turn USB threatening ON your iOS 8.1 device and MAC and iPhone should be logged in with same accounts and you will able to enjoy instant Hotspot.

iCloud Photo Library

You will be able to sync your Photo’s to iCloud storage so your memories are never lost through iOS 8.1 update. Synced photos will be of lesser size to improve your storage.

SMS Rely

Another great feature included in iOS 8.1 is going to be SMS Rely, you will be able to answer SMS/MMS through your MACBOOK or iPad once its Synced with your iPhone. This features is long awaited and will provide you facility of replying SMS on your Mac and you won’t have to touch your phone when its charging!


You will be getting the good old Camera roll back again! The feature was disabled in iOS 8 but they realized that It was a bad idea and now you will be able to see Camera roll again in your pictures library, also Bluetooth connection problem will be resolved and some more bug fixes and power boost will be featured in iOS 8.1 update. 

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