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argie Says:

Plz tel me wer I can buy

2016-02-21 / 07:51:26

gydyff Says:

Guyss!!! This actually costs much less from the z2, the g flex actually costs 22,800! And the z2 is 30k frow what i saw in olx

2014-05-14 / 07:37:23

abdulmajad Says:

mobile thy acha h per hamry pass paisy nhi hn

2014-04-29 / 09:21:08

suso Says:

is there any comparison with experia z2?

2014-04-06 / 19:04:31

BulbulitoMayagpag Says:

Too expensive might as well get an experia z2 instead..

2014-04-06 / 19:03:25

ish jassat Says:

Where in johannesburg can I purchase the lg g flex for cash.? I am in harare zimbabwe...I will be in johannesburg on 25th March

2014-03-07 / 07:27:19

anticapitalist Says:

why so expensive? better to neglect this impudent capitalist bendable shit!

2014-03-04 / 02:44:00

Dani S. Says:

Why it is too expensive?

2014-02-22 / 05:44:44

hassan khan Says:

wow nice mobile and nice battery ye to note 3 sy bhi acha hy sirf ye 2GB RAM hy or note 3 ma 3GB RAM hy wasy to ye bohat hi acha hy wow nice mobile

2014-02-12 / 22:44:25

aamirlehri Says:

the best smartphone i have ever used LG G FLEX COMPLETE REVIEW

2014-02-05 / 09:35:17

kevinGdA Says:

is it available now in the philippines?

2014-01-31 / 15:31:39

Nour Says:

From Where can I buy it?

2014-01-31 / 00:38:22

Shen Says:

I love it but I think the price is too much. Its almost times two with G2 when its almost the same when it comes to specs. Maybe the "Wolverine Self-Heal Feature" made it more expensive? but that can be substitute with covers. Hmm... still I love the style, so chic!

2014-01-20 / 22:47:09

waya Says:

too expensive

2014-01-10 / 01:55:08

garabet arabian Says:

i want to buy

2013-12-03 / 14:37:16


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