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8 Features Having Android 5.0 Lollipop Over iOS8

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This is the time of tough competition particularly the mobile phones and the manufacturing companies are intensively busy doing impossible things. They have all achieved the highest level of technology but they are trying to compress every possible feature of communication technology into their products.


It is the operating system that is the platform for all other functions to work smooth and fast. Google, Apple and Microsoft are the big giants who developed and are further developing these operating systems. At this point of time they all are perfect and experts in their fields and we can find no flaw in their products. Here we are talking about Android 5.0 Lollipop and iOS 8 operating systems. We find both the operating systems widely used and have no grounds for comparison but it is only to find the differences between them. One may have certain features while the other may not be having those but instead would have other strong points. Google has no weakness in their working and similarly Apple is not a novice company.

It is for the interest of the users and readers and only comparison sake that we are listing 8 features that Android has and somehow iOS does not have them. May be they are not very important for Apple and may be a marketing benefit Google. Here we have found eight Android 5.0 features that are somehow missing from iOS 8.

1. Device Sharing In Guest Mode

Apple has treated their iPhone and iPad as the most personal thing that you own. It looks that they have omitted the fact that the Smartphone and especially the tablet can be shared very conveniently as a social devices in the whole family. Google is aware of this and gives you the freedom to let your kids play and enjoy your new Nexus 9 - or any other device running the Lollipop operating system you need not worry that your settings will be disturbed. It can be shared by the whole family like a pc that every one can use and have their settings or data safe.

Apple does not provide this flexibility of Guest mode for its mobile devices. Sooner or later they will realize the importance or additional flexibility. The family sharing feature allows up to six people to share each other's music, books, app purchases, and schedules.

There are mixed views on this feature. Some say it is useless while others appreciate it being useful and providing flexibility.

Here is a view from the comments on this feature. According to this comment, Apple had this feature since iOS 7 through (using safari). Following some instructions you can download an application allowing you this feature.

2. Battery saving features


In case of Android 5.0, Google developed and introduced battery saver feature and provided flexibility of customizing the device to save the battery and make it run 90 minutes more. In this mode while the essential features continue functioning normal but some are muted or restricted in performance. In this mode by disabling connectivity, reducing performance, muting the vibration, and some other functions temporarily suspended can result in extra minutes of battery life. Google's Project Volta is the energy consumption overhaul has been developed for Nexus 5. While operating on and running a developer preview version of Lollipop has shown the difference in comparison with same phone running KitKat to has given one hour and fifteen minutes longer time in battery test.  

However Apple has not paid any attention to ay such features in iOS. They must consider the importance of battery life how important it can be at very critical stage when you urgently want to use the phone and it fails. Besides the design features, Apple should consider this aspect as well.

3. Smart Lock providing extra security

Presently the Android has the upper edge in security features. You can pair it with a trusted Smartphone, tablet, wearable, or even a Bluetooth-connected car. The Android users have five different unlock mechanisms for their device. These unlock mechanisms include a custom drawing patterns and Face Unlock. On the contrary iOS only allows you swipe or a four-digit pin, or you can sign in using thumbprint.


The android based devices have more choices than the iOS. Though unlocking choices in iOS are also enough but it is only a matter comparison and counting the numbers.

4. USB mass storage support

ios8 vs lollipop

Though the iPhone has a history of seven years and developed wonderful features and expanded in its versatile usage. Still it cannot be used as USB for data storage or transfer of files. While connecting it with your Windows computer still results in it being treated as a portable camera folder full of photos and nothing more. On the other hand an Android device has the flexibility to flash memory space for your data transfer and storage needs. Moreover, you have the facility to expand your Android device's storage space with a microSD card slot. This feature is missing in iOS devices. Probably Apple thinks a phone is a phone and not an extension of computer to act as a data storage device.

5. Application management

iOS device allows you to install an application, to open it and delete it. So far so good. It is keeping things simple and avoiding any complications.

Android gives you more options and flexibility in this regard You can uninstall an app completely, or just go back to an older version that worked well and smooth and crash less, for example. On Android, with each app you install becomes your new go-to browser, e-mail client, photo editor and more. On iOS it is not so; it is Safari and nothing more as your default browser.

6. NFC support

All the vendors of operating systems claim that their operating systems have full NFC support. They include Android, Windows Phone and even BlackBerry and they admit it not to be their main point of reputation and place of marketing. Apple was not claiming this support and waited for their iOS to get NFC support till they saw some business in it. Now Apple Pay is included in the NFC support. The Apple Pay is the convenient payment system on iDevice's NFC chip. Otherwise it is dormant for file transfers, automated tags, or non Apple-approved stuff. The point highlighted here is Apple not having this support in any other feature except Apple pay whereas Android has full support of NFC  

7. Install apps from the Web

Android is very flexible operating system and allows you to install applications from any place you want. You only need to acknowledge the potential for harm in third-party apps from doubtful sources. However Apple does not allow this freedom. You can only download the apps from the Apple App Store, the iOS, does not accept any third party apps from any other sources.

8. Advanced photography

In Android Lollipop, Google give more options in photography like YUV and Bayer RAW, control capture settings for the sensor. Moreover Android has 4K video playback and recording capabilities. Although in case of iOS 8, Apple offers a very efficient camera app, but it does not have fine manual controls and 4K video recording feature. No doubt the Apple has improved the photography and the user does not have to rely on manual focusing.


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