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Apple iPad Air2 Review, All you Need to Know

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Apple is the reputed company and make the fine devices and it is quite difficult to find the flaw in the Apple devices beside this iPad Air 2 company already have the series of devices then why they need to make the new or remake version of the iPad because combating  the rivals and fulfill the latest trend. The new iPad Air 2 comes with in thin body with very sleek and delicate design and the Apple try their best to put inside the tablet only the body of the slate is not changed everything screen, camera, battery and other hardware are also improved and move towards the betterment. The device is already available with the different price the price is according to the memory model of the device and there is no other difference found in the tablet according to the price.

Make and Appearance


Apple tries to get the honor to make the world’s slimmest tablet and for archiving this purpose the Apple make this Apple iPad Air 2 with the minimum bezels. The tablet is made up with aluminum body and measures only 6.1 mm thin by dimensions which is almost 18% less than the iPad Air which was released last year and the device is not only thin in front of iPad Air but it also less in dimension in front of their biggest competitor Samsung their Galaxy Tab S has also 3 mm thick body than the iPad Air2. The reduce bezel will also decrease the weight of the device and the slate carries 444 grams weight the weight is also less 34 grams than the predecessor but the weight is matches with the rival’s Galaxy Tab S there is not much difference found between the weight of iPad Air 2 and Galaxy Tabs for reducing the bezel Apple change the button sequences as well and some of them are not present in the new iPad Air 2 such as there is no silencing switch control button present in the slate body and the company combined the switch controlling option with operating system and the position of the speaker is also changed and they placed at the bottom of the slate. The volume control buttons and power button are the same place like the predecessor.  



The screen of the tablets or a smartphones always needs to be refine and they should have the solid impact the new iPad Air 2 has improved display. The screen size is 9.7 inches LED-backlit IPS LCD with 1536 x 2048 pixels resolution which delivers 264 ppi to the device and gives the good results to the users while they read any book, watch any video or surfing the web. The main reason behind this screen perfection is the layers of the screen which works inside are plastic coated and there is a less distance between the components even Apple claims there is no air found in the layers do the layers worked well and deliver the live vivid color to the screen and company first time introduced this display technology on their 3rd generation devices. The screen of the device is scratch proof which keeps the display away from the scratches and marks. The same screen technology found in the previously launched version of iPad. With this screen technology users can easily use their tablet without any problem even in sun light.   

Operating System and Interface


The operating system and the interface of iPad Air 2 is not the new thing for the users who already use Apple products last year iPad Air come with iOS7 which give really the bump to the device but the trend is continuous and now iPad Air 2 comes with all new iOS 8 for enhancing the users experience. The major difference between the both versions of operating system is the new version comes with semi-transparent effects to give that window panel look and the interface of the operating system is also changed the developer make the navigation moments more simple, widgets adding is more simple and easy and file management panel is also enhanced and  users just need not to worry for the file placement and searching those stored file when they need they can easily found the files by search them. There is no doubt that the new iOS 8 increase the charm of the tablet and attract the users easily towards the iPad Air 2.

Processor and Memory

 Apple enhances the overall performance of the device and placed 1.5 GHz triple core processor with A8X chipset. Apple claims that this is the fastest chipset than ever. Last year company used A7X chipset in iPad Air and according to the Apple the A8X is 40% more fast in the speed in comparison with A7X processor and this is the 64-bit architecture chipset specially designed for the marvelous graphics and supports all types of visuals without any problem or without installing any extra software in the device. the new iPad Air 2 is featured with 2 GB of RAM and it comes with three types of memory options 16GB, 64GB and 128 GB but unfortunately there is no card slot present in the device for extending the on board memory the same three on board memory option are present in the iPad Air but the RAM is less and now Apple increase 1GB RAM than the predecessor. It means users have more capacity to store their data and download the large files easily in their iPad Air 2.    



 The image capturing passion increases day by day and most of the users prefer to buy the device have good camera features. Apple not only increase the memory and the other things inside the device they also improved the camera features as well for giving the better and satisfactory results to the users and fulfill their demand in a respectable manner. The iPad Air 2 is featured with 8 mega pixel rear with 3264 x 2448 pixels density and 1.2 mega pixel front facing camera with 20fps with autofocus, 1.12µm pixel size, geo-tagging, touch focus, face/smile detection, HDR (photo/panorama) with these camera features users can easily take the images and enjoy their moment without miss the shoot last year Apple placed 5 mega pixel rear camera with 2592 x 1944 pixels density the new version has almost the double better camera. Besides this improved camera and pixel density the users have make the more fun with their iPad Air 2 like the burst mode by using this feature users can take many images without missing the sequence and this mood also delivers the good result images. The front facing camera is the same as previous one but Apple claims again that the front facing camera is 80% better in low light condition even in comparison with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


We are talking about iPad Air 2 and we know that the new tablet comes with many good changes but making the thinnest tablet Apple not reducing the length, width and weight of the tablet they also reduce the battery also. Last year company placed 8600mAh battery inside the iPad Air but now they replace the battery with the capacity of 7340mAh and put inside the tablet but there is no mean that the battery drop the performance of working as well the working ability of the battery is same and the battery gives 10 hours backup time to the device while the users use iPad Air 2 without any break. This is the quite impressive that the battery is low in capacity but gives the same backup to the tablet and the 10 hour back is more than enough to use the device continuously and the one hour charging recharge the battery up to 40%.

Finger Print Scanner


Before the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Apple announced that their every new device will come with the finger print scanner so the company keeps their promise and placed finger print scanner in the device for make the device more secure and personal. The scanner is attached with the main home button of the iPad Air 2 and users can personalized their tablet from the unwanted people by placing the thump impression protection.

Fastest Wi-Fi

Beside the other features Apple increase the Wi-Fi connectivity speed in the iPad Air 2. The iPad Air 2 have speed of Wi-Fi connectivity up to 866 Mbps, which is not only fast but the super fast and no internet provider provide this speed of  Wi-Fi connectivity till yet and the speed of connectivity is still under the consideration by the internet providers and maybe in future some internet provides start offer this Wi-Fi speed.

Advantage and Disadvantage of iPad Air 2

There is no doubt that the device is more powerful and comes with many changes but after all this is the matter of technology that can be changed day by day and grow very fast like any other device the iPad Air also has some good and some negative points. The positive points are: slim in design and have thin bezel, light in weight and easy to carry, fastest Wi-Fi connectivity, fast processor and chipset, large screen without any flaw, finger print scanner, fast mobile data support on 4G and last but not the least high resolution camera with good features. These all are the positive points of the tablet but the negative points are the device missed volumes silencer button, there is no card slot preset for external memory extension, battery is non replaceable and if anything wrong happened with the battery the whole tablet needs to replace instead of battery and there is no camera flash found in the tablet these are the negative points of the device which may affect the users interest.

Price and Release Date


 The device status goes available in various markets and the price is slightly different according to the memory option. The 16 GB memory model of the tablet is available in $499, 64 GB version has the price tag of $599 and the 128GB version is available against the price of $629. Users can choice the device according to their requirement of memory.

Bottom Line

 Apple iPad Air 2 is one of the great devices available in the year 2014. This is the slimmest tablet which carries lot of charm on it and easily grabs the attention of the users there are lots of good features found inside the tablet and users will surely enjoy this sleek, slim and smart iPad Air 2 which is available in very comprehensive price users can select the memory capacity and buy the tablet according to their need.


Apple also use their own designed operating system which comes with many good features and give the great experience to the users and the interface is quite easy than before. The processor and the memory of the tablet is impressive the processor works fast and the memory is well enough to store the data in the tablet and make use of it when need to use. The camera is improved and good.

This device not only satisfy the users but also increase the popularity of the company which is already quite famous and grab the good share from the markets for the company and increase the tail of the lovers of Apple.


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