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Elegant Apple Watch Review

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Apple is the giant and they have the repo amongst the users. There is no doubt that the products of Apple are costly, but they are well configured too and they give the users a royal and stylish treat. After getting the Apple product users feel please to use them. After the success of iPhones and iPads company move forward towards the latest trend and made the luxurious smartwatch for the users and announce the watch on 9th March 2015 on their official event. However the watch is bit costly in comparison with others, but the watch is more stylish and has the many good specs. Here we are going to discuss what the Apple watch offer to the users.


Design and Display

Apple is believed in versatility and style and for continuing the trend they launched their watch with different style and versions. The watch will be available in three types; sports style, luxury edition and leather edition. They all have a different price and the leather edition is the costliest from all of them because they used gold for designing the plate of the watch and the sports version is more affordable. The sports watch is made up with the aluminum body and colorful belts make the watch more pretty and the straps are made up with the rubber which seems to be polymer material for handling the rough treat and if we look towards the regular watch version the watch is made up with the 316L stainless steel and has leather or metal strap option. The smartwatch will be available in two different sizes; 38 or 48mm in width.    

As we already told that the watch will be available in two sizes and according to the sizes the pixel resolution is also changed. The  larger 42mm version it's 390 x 312 pixels and for the smaller Apple Watch, the 38mm has 340 x 272 resolution. Well the resolution is quite balanced in this tiny timepiece.

User Interface

Apple official confirmed that they used new operating system for their Apple Watch, but the name of that operating system is still not known, but it is still being called Watch OS. The Apple Watch is the touch screen device but it is not 100% touch screen and has the digital crown key and it amaze the users by going the analogue which is similar with Sony Mobile pointer and the purpose of this to control the Watch OS. The button is worked as a home key and users are able to twist and zoom the apps with this button.  

Hardware Combination

Apple Watch will run a totally new chipset which the company is calling the S1. Apple uses Samsung built ARM-based chips for the iPhone range and its Korean rival is said to behind the RAM and NAND flash storage and assembles itself, for the Apple Watch's System in Package (SiP). Wearables are all ahs the combination of sensors, and the Apple Watch has a gyroscope and accelerometer to track your movements, for the health tracking. Another interesting fact is found that the Apple Watch has 8 GB storage capacity and from that storage 2 GB is reserved for t he music.


Apple already informed the users that this is not the GPS device and they need to charge the battery of the smartwatch every day. According to the Apple official; “We think people are going to use it so much you will wind up charging it daily."

There is no Lightning connector on the Apple Watch found. Instead it uses something tiny which is similar the MagSafe connector found on Apple MacBooks to provide wireless charging.

Apple Watch Apps

Apple Watch have a bunch of built-in apps and users are find There is a stopwatch, a timer, an alarm system, a world clock, a weather app, stocks and a settings app to control it all. Users get their calendar, turn-by-turn navigation through Maps, music control and even an on-watch remote for Apple TV and iTunes too. These are the pre installed apps present in Apple Watch.


Users are able to receive the notifications such as sms, email, calls, Twitter and Face book all featured. If users receive the sms notifications they are able to reply using templates which are pre installed in the Apple Watch the system is smart/nosey enough to analyze the SMS and include any custom reply options that it thinks you might need. Another choice is to dictate a message back which can either be sent as an audio file or transcribed by the watch.

Phone calls can be full voice by using the Apple watch waterproof speaker. Users are able to open email direct on your phone or flagged for reply at a later date and for performing this function they don’t on-screen keyboard.

Heart Rate Monitor

Optical heart rate monitors are specifically used for sports. Apple's stuck one into the back of its watch and it uses infrared and standard LEDs to measure the capillary blood flow and detect the pulse.

Digital Touch

Digital Touch is the novel features of Watch. It is a person to person way of communicating to other Apple wearable users. Users can sketch images, use it like a voice walkie-talkie, send a simple tap to let people know you are thinking of them or even make them feel your actual heartbeat vibrating on their wrist.

Apple Activity App

Fitness tracking is one of the essential parts in any smartwatch and Apple also facilitates the users with this app but the company has split the feature into two main areas. The first is the Activity App which monitors health, movement, wellness and user’s daily routine rather than sports features, and there are three main areas within that. Each of them is based around filling up a colored ring graphic throughout the course of each 24 hours. Complete the circle and you have hit your target.

Apple Workout app

Running, cycling and walking are what the Workout App tracks. It plugs the GPS information from your mobile into data from the on-board accelerometer and heart-rate monitor to give users all the time, distance and pacing metrics they will need. It will recommend goals for the day, words of encouragement during your sessions and detailed stats on milestones and achievements.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is an NFC contactless payment system which was introduced with the iPhone 6. It leverages all those loyalty, credit and debit card numbers that Apple users have been keeping tucked away in the Passbook app to process cash transfer just by waving your device in front of a reader in one of hundreds of thousands of locations in the US.

Apple Pay is set to work just the same with Apple Watch. Users will need to double click the button on the side wave their wrist and then they confirm that it is all gone through.

Time Teller

Apple is specially pointing out this feature that the watch is actually a good timekeeper too. It checks in and synchronizes with a universal time standard through the phone's GPS to stay accurate to within 50ms. Users can tell people that when they are late to meet you. They will have to listen.

Don’t need new iPhone to use Apple Watch

The other big achievement of Apple is that users do need an iPhone to use Apple Watch, but it does not have to be the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. In fact, it does not even have to be the generation before either. Anything from the iPhone 5 onwards will do the trick.

 Apple iWatch: Price

As stated above, prices start from £299 / $349. That gets you the 38mm Apple Watch Sport; it's £40 / $50 more for the 42mm model. The regular Apple Watch has prices starting from £479 / $549 for 38mm and $599 for 42mm, going right up to £949 / $1,000+. The Apple Watch Edition, with its luxury materials, costs from £8,000 / $10,000 and will be in limited availability at selected stores.


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