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HTC one m9 expected features preview

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HTC is one of the leading brands in smartphone and has the reputation amongst the users. Now company is going to reveal the biggest handset of the year known as HTC ONE M9 which is the sequel of HTC One series. Every year HTC revealed the new flagship with the massive changes and users are use to too get the powerful device from HTC.  This year expectedly HTC going to revealed HTC ONE M9 and a bit larger version which are called HTC One M9 Plus. Both the devices are going to make the public appearance in MWC which is to be hold in Barcelona. Users want to expect the new handset with good changes. We are still not sure about the features of HTC ONE M9 but we are expecting to see the handset with the stated below features.

 Sense 7.0 is context-aware

The component made by HTC which pertains to Sense 7.0 means something when it is in combination with other components has to do with its new-found contextual awareness. This component very well knows weather you are busy in work or at rest at home. It has the ability to select the mode automatically and will tell you when to have lunch.

Theme creator

Theme making is the art and most of the users love to customize their handset theme according to their personal liking. The new HTC One M9 will allow the users to create their own theme and the theme creator work like users pick the wallpaper which is analyzed by the software and the pre installed colored of the wallpaper make the other colors scheme for the users as they select and after that they are able to put different sounds, icons and fonts as they like.

HTC ONE M9 Image

 A mysterious fourth navigation key

We are still not sure but according to the leaked information we found the extra fourth software navigation button in HTC ONE M9 and it seems to be the power shut button. First we thought that this is the key for performing the tap to wake function but that assumption proved wrong and the power key is visible. So the fourth key of the handset is mysterious surely the key must has a function but what the key perform we need to wait to know.

  Replacement of physical keys

HTC took long time to change the position key but finally they did and the change has made. In HTC ONE M9 the power button is placed on the right side of the smartphone instead of top and this is not enough the handset also has two different volume control buttons for controlling the volume separately.

Two Tone LED Light

HTC move towards the change which seems to be the positive sign. Now company use two tone LED flash light in upcoming HTC ONE M9 and by using this features users will get the good image results even in a dim light.

Dolby Boom Sound Speaker in HTC ONE M9

Boom Sound speakers are the specialty of HTC and users love to have the experience of these power speakers. Now HTC is being the official partner of Dolby to promote the Boom Sound speaker of the company on their upcoming HTC ONE M9 smartphone.

 Dual Tone Metal Body

Previously HTC launched the handsets in one color body and HTC ONE M8 was the example but now company change the trend and might launch HTC ONE M9 with dual Tone Metal Body. If the rumor comes true the handsets will set the new design line for the others as well.

Ultra Pixel Front-facing camera for selfies

HTC change the fashion and place the ultra pixel camera in front of the device for taking the best selfies. Previously the HTC handsets were launched rear camera with Ultra Pixel but HTC One M9 is the first come with front-facing Ultra Pixel camera.

Bottom Line

HTC ONE M9 is a product of reputed company which has established itself in the market by product quality. Users are well aware of the name of HTC and the name itself is the symbol of quality. HTC One M9 maybe having any configuration and any features is a product of HTC and users know the level of quality it would be having. Although it is a cost device yet the HTC fans would buy it and enjoy using it.


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