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Moto X phone Review, A compact, stylish handset

Editor Rating: 3.9 / 5

The Moto X is the long-awaited collaboration between Motorola and Google. Google became Motorola's owner and parent company about a year ago, which had many thinking that Moto would make the next Nexus phone. Instead we got the Moto X, a compact, stylish handset with decidedly mid-range specs. Moto X is the first all-new smart phone to come from Motorola since Google took control of the company last year.


Unlike the flat, rectangular shapes of the Droid line of phones, the new Moto X sports rounded corners and a gently curved back. Like many recent Android phones, it has a larger screen in its case a 4.7-inch one but thanks to the curves and the narrow borders around the display, it does not feel overly large. The back of the Moto X is made of plastic, but it fits tightly around its innards and seems solid. Overall, it feels great in the hand.


The Moto X includes a high-resolution OLED screen that looks great. It also offers longer life than the average smart phone. Part of the reason for the curve in the back of the phone is to make extra room for a custom-designed, longer-lasting battery. The Moto X also includes a technology that Motorola calls Active Display. When locked, the screen will flash on to alert you that you have a new text message or email or other notification. Although other devices have similar capabilities, Motorola has designed Active Display so that it is judicious with your battery life it only illuminates the pixels it needs to display, and it won't turn on the screen if the phone is upside down.


One of the cool things about the Moto X is that users can customize it when they order it. They can choose from among 18 different colors for the back of its case, two different colors for its front and seven different colors for its volume and power buttons. Users can also specify what wallpaper they want to have on their home screens and the greeting the phone will display when they turn it on.

Talk Timings

Motorola promises that you will get up to 13 hours of talk time and 24 hours of mixed use.


Similar to Apple's iPhone 5S, the Moto X has a processor that is dedicated to detecting and tracking motion. This allows the device to track movements even when it is not in active use and its main processors are turned off.


For example, if you simply want to check the time, all you have to do is pick up your phone; you do not have to push a power button first. You also can instantly launch the camera from a locked screen by picking up the device and twisting your hand twice. It does not start as fast as if you had a dedicated camera button, but it is pretty quick.


The Moto X includes a feature that allows you to access Google Now, a Siri-like voice assistant, without having to press a button or even touch the device. By simply saying "OK Google Now," the Moto X is supposed to launch the Google Now service and respond to your requests.

Also disappointing was another key feature of the Moto X, an application called Motorola Assist. Among other things, that app is supposed, when you are driving, to read out to you any incoming text messages and to announce the names of any incoming callers. You are also supposed to be able to configure it to automatically send a text message in response to messages or calls alerting people that you are driving.

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