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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Preview

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Samsung was released their biggest flashship galaxy s6 Edge in MWC.The Edge version of the device is known as Galaxy S6 Edge which will bit costly in comparison with the regular version. There is no doubt that the Edge version devices have more demand, but everyone is not able to buy the device because of cost. Galaxy S6 Edge is the second curved screen device comes with 3 sided curved display which add more charm to the device. The Galaxy S6 Edge will be released in 1st March during the biggest electronic event of the year 2015 known as MWC.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge design

 Samsung is trying their best to provide a good device in the form of Galaxy S6 Edge and gives the 3 sided curved displays to the device which increase the beauty of the handset. A few more features were revealed by the trusted source previously, including Glance Lighting, which lights up the Edge area when users receive a call and they assign a color to a contact so that the edge panel will light up in that color when receiving a call from the selected person. Also, the Galaxy S6 Edge will have the hand reorganization. Unlike the Galaxy Note Edge, the Galaxy S6 Edge knows which hand is holding the device and it will be truly lefty-friendly. 

New teaser shows metallic chassis and the same teaser also pointing out towards the glass and if the rumor comes true Galaxy S6 Edge will be the best glass and metal combination handset. Samsung already promise to the users to make the quality device in the account of design and they fulfill the promise while designing the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are the best masterpieces.

Now users are expected to see increased presence of metal in the Galaxy S6 Edge design. The Galaxy S6 may be waterproof, but the S6 Edge will likely only be water-resistant. However, with a removable rear panel, the S6 Edge could have a removable battery and expandable storage which will be the best point found in the handset.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge display

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the second curved screen device of the company. The first device is galaxy Note Edge was released last year and takes the inspiration from that device, but there is a change found in both curved display devices. Galaxy Note Edge is curved from one side, but the new Galaxy S6 Edge is curved from 3 sides. All the curved side may have different functions, but the details of the functions are not revealed yet.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge software

The Galaxy S6 Edge will run the latest Android operating system which is known as 5.0 lollipop which gives the enhance experience of operating system to the users. Samsung combined their own designed TouchWiz interface with the operating system but the interface is more refined which increase the performance of the operating system.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Hardware configuration

First we heard that Samsung will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset but for the reason of overheating issue inside the chipset Samsung postpone using this and replacing the chipset with their own designed Exynos but later the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset version will also come but for this time Samsung is going to launch the handset with Exynos 7 chipset which is 64 bit supportive and make the device efficient.

If we move forwarded towards the next hardware we found a powerful camera. The Galaxy S6 Edge is featured with 20 megapixel rear and 5 megapixel front facing camera for giving the better selfies experience to the users and it is also predicted that both cameras of the handset have the ability of OIS (Optical Image Stabilization).   

In the account of onboard memory the regular version of Galaxy S6 is come with 64 and 128 GB option but if Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a removable back panel then it is expected to see the 32 GB version in the same handset as well, but one thing is confirmed every onboard memory version is equipped with 3GB RAM.

Now the battery comes the handset is energized by 2600mAh battery which seems to be the less in power but Samsung improved the battery quality which almost gives the 45 hours time to the handset. It is also expected that the handset supports the wireless charging option maybe we can see the rapid charging option in Galaxy S6 Edge as well.

Galaxy S6 Edge price

The Galaxy S6 Edge obviously the cost device in comparison with regular Galaxy S6 because of its curved screen which is not only takes time in manufacturing but also increase the cost of production. We have a general idea that Galaxy S6 Edge is around 150 USD more costly than the Galaxy S6, in keeping with the pricing of the Galaxy Note Edge, and that the 128 GB version will cost an additional 100 USD. Without being too particular the Galaxy S6 Edge may well be around the 900 USD mark. This projected price is for an unlocked version and the carrier will offer the handset in a bit cheap but in off-contract term.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge release date

The Galaxy S6 Edge is also under development and it is confirmed that the device will announce officially on 1st March in an official event of Samsung which is to be held at the place of Barcelona. The release date of the handset is a bit later. Like the Galaxy Note Edge it is predicted that the Galaxy S6 Edge will be produced in limited manner and the reason for planning this is to control the production cost of the company because making the curved display device is much expensive than the regular display version.


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