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New exciting features Of LG V10

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Previously we heard from LG that the company would announce something new in near future and finally after six months the claim of LG becomes true and as per the promising company announced their first dual-screen tablet LG V10 which is the p[remium high-end device and comes with many improved and better features which will amaze the users for a while.

LG V10 is the first smartphone in V series and this is the perfect combination of style and performance. LG placed a powerful hardware inside the device for efficient working and facilitated the users to the maximum extent. Here we are going to discuss the new features of LG V10.

Dual screen

Samsung is the originator of dual screen and the successful example is Galaxy Note 4 Edge and now LG follows the same platform and announced first dual-screen smartphone LG V10. The phablet has 5.7 inches main screen and has 2.1 inches secondary display which is completely from the main panel. The secondary screen has 160x1000 resolution. 

The function;it of the secondary screen is totally different when screen is not in use the secondary screen updates the users from time date tweet, SMS, and other notifications and when users interact with the main screen the secondary display facilitates them from shortcut.

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Dual Front Facing Camera

 In LG V10 the dual screen is not the only innovation the handset is also featured with Dual front facing the camera. The camera of the handset is not delivering the 3D images, but LG increase the charm of taking the selfies with duo camera capturing 120-degree wide angle selfies.

Adequate Finger Print Scanner

Apple sets the trend of using the fingerprint scanner in their devices and the iPhone 5s is the first example of it and after that many smartphone manufacturers are in same track and most of the devices come with fingerprint scanner. Obviously the LG also follows the trend but they break the consistency of old trend and try to set the new security trend in LG V10. The fingerprint scanner is touch type and not attached with the signature key, in fact, the scanner work separately and provide the perfect relevancy to the users security and the device.

RAM and incredible 2 TB external memory

The large memory is common but in the case of LG V 10 LG sets the new trend and this is the first handset which offers the generous and incredible capacity of external memory and has the sufficient 4 GB RAM. It is really shocking but this is not the dream and LG V10 offers 2 TB (Terra Bite) external memory which allow the users to carry their complete office and library with them.

Rapid Charging

The fastest charging is necessity and users prefer to buy the handset which supports the rapid charging or at least has the wireless charging option. Though LG V10 is not supporting the wireless charging but the handset has the ability of rapid charging and allows the users to charge their LG V10 is the quickest time. The 50% battery can be charged in 40 minutes and this rapid charging is possible with quick charger 2.0.

MIL-STD-810G certified - shock resistant

Samsung is the first to introduce the handset with shock resistant ability and now the LG V10 is the very first device of LG comes with the same technology. The handset is MIL-STD-810G certified which means the LG V 10 is able to tolerate the thermal shocks and save the users from unwanted fluctuation demerges.

Bottom Line

Every manufacturer is putting its best in the development of their product and in fact they all are serving the advancement of technology each one is giving a push to the other and more research open new avenues in the technology of communication. Similarly, LG has done the same by adding stated above features in its LG V10.

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