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Asus Zen Watch deep dive Review

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Smartwatches are the focus of attention of all the manufacturing companies and there is a very tight competition among them to win the race in this field. They are mostly android based and packed with many features to come as close to smartphones as possible. In the market we have Samsung products with the name Galaxy Gear S, LG’s smartwatch “G Watch R” and Motorola’s Moto 360 and Apple’s “iWatch”. They all claim to be the best and containing maximum features and the most versatile piece of equipment on your wrist. Here we are talking about another smart watch that is Zen Watch by Asus which is the latest Android based smart wear competing others in the market. It is not very costly and has the price of just $199 but with in this range is considered to be the best available.      


Asus is very careful and meticulous about shaping their products and they measure up to all standards of aesthetics. Asus Zen Watch has a design of state of the art craftsmanship and gives premium look to the consumers who come to compare and purchase one. Zen Watch is so far the most beautiful looking and attractive in design among all the Android wear smartwatches presently available in the market.


 This is made of a premium quality material with solid foundation and perfect construction. Recently there has been a focus on round shape smartwatches like Moto 360 and LG G Watch R discarding square and rectangular shapes .Asus has again adopted square shape but with beautiful balance and dimensions in attractive rose gold color band with the steel casing foundation. Apparently the watch casing looks flat but it has curvature to fit nicely on the wrist.

The design is so plain and neat that gives a perfect look without buttons or anything bulging out to break the harmony of smoothness of the watch or the surface area of device. It has some object able features like pin connections, screws, and single power button of course require for charging purposes. It does not have the wireless charging facility like moto360 and it would have been much better and to the credit of Zen Watch if it had the remote charging system.

Now talking about the strap it is really made of good quality stitched leather material which is a change from others. However it has a clasp which is bulging put and may get stuck with clothing and may cause some irritation but good thing is its size that is standard 22 mm that can be replaced with any other strap of their own choice and have variety. Zen Watch is IP55 rated and is water resistant therefore you may not worry about it when put in the rain or minor splashes. It does not mean that you use it goes diving under water while wearing it.

Smartwatches give us an impression that they would be highly technical looking with too many knobs and too many details on the dial. It is not so with Zen Watch which is elegant looking without any buttons and without too many unnecessary details. Previously Moto 360 have been the center of attention of the consumers for its round shape but Zen Watch has proved to be more popular with its square design and a consider to be the best Android based smartwatch. The size is so balanced that it is equally popular among men and women and perfectly in line with current fashion. It does not give odd look and something out dated and odd to wear.     



Asus Zen Watch cannot claim that it has better specs than the other competing smartwatches in the market. It has 1.63-inch 320 x 320 AMOLED display already used by Samsung in Gear Live. Screen of the watch is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass type 3 but the display is curved. The display of Zen Watch is match with subtle curve of watch casing to give the proper shape to the display and to give flawless fine finishing to the smartwatch. Users can easily visualize the things because of the optimize pixel density of the screen which delivers 278 ppi to the users and give them a full ease to read notifications, messages and see the time anytime.

AMOLED screen is one of the popular display screen and has many characteristics which is packed full pf technology like the pure black color, wide viewing angles with the iridium effect which can glow in the dark and gives better visibility. In the direct sun light the visibility is poor and not easy to read and you need put a shadow with the other hand to read the message. Although its square design is liked by the consumers but LG G Watch R with its round screen is still more popular.


May be talking to anyone and using any application you will have the same pleasant experience of Android operating system and Asus Zen Watch gives you the same feel. Using Asus Zen Watch would be more different than any other Android based watch therefore from interface point of view there is no difference from others and we cannot add anything to its merits in interface. However like all other Android based devices, this is equally user friendly and easy to use with all applications in any Android based device.


However Asus has tried to make another difference by introducing Zen Watch manager app that includes a few more features. When we have this Z Watch manager we can access features like Asus ZenUI integration, Watch Unlock, Cover to Mute, Find My Phone, Find My Watch, Flashlight, Compass, and much more. Although these features are not new but it is good to have them right from the time you buy and start using it. Zen Watch can have better functionality by downloading other compatible apps, like the Asus Remote Camera app, which allows the Zen Watch to act as a remote viewfinder for user’s smartphone’s camera.

It is not very surprising to find the wellness application is the Asus Zen Watch; it is factory loaded with Asus Wellness and Up by Jawbone apps that provide us with data pertaining to our life style. Apparently the first look does not give us impression that it is provided with any sort of heart rate sensor incorporated. It relies on a change method to measure our pulse; it obtains the data by placing two fingers along the steel edges of the watch’s frame which sends an electrical signal to measure our pulse.



Battery life depends upon the usage of the device and what all applications a user uses on the device. It has 360 mAh Li-polymer battery.  Commonly users wish to have always-on screen option of Android Wear to off and would like to turn off after a specific time interval. The battery has 24 hours life in this mode which can be less if we change the mode always on screen to on. But generally the battery is sufficient for one whole day with normal usage. By the time you go to bad the battery will still have 30% power to keep the watch on. This is not a bad timing and the battery power ranges in the average category and quite satisfactory. With the normal usage it will function the whole day without interruption and causing any embarrassment.


We cannot make any judgment just by mentioning a few facts in the above paragraphs. The smartwatches also have their history of evolution; the initial models were not very beautiful or perfect in functionality but they were best of their time and had impressed the consumers. Subsequently later models were improved and better shapes with better performance came in the market. Many manufacturers ventured into this field and presented their products to the customers and a competition emerged among the smartwatches. Lately Moto 360 reached the height of popularity by replacing rectangular design with the round one. Now Asus after producing tablets entered in to making smartwatch and brought Zen Watch into the market which just shook the popularity of Moto 360 by its square designed beautifully architecture.     

Since this is also Android based device therefore nothing much different exists in this device and the only competition remains in its look and quality of material used in its designs and physical structure. Each watch has its own special features and differences from each other but in depth they are all Android based and give the same experience. It is an addition here and lack there that matters. Otherwise we cannot give the verdicts in favor of anyone product. They all give the same impression and Asus Zen Watch has an added feature that is health/wellness, and the way it measures our heart rate.

Asus Zen Watch is more appealing aesthetically with its premium design, better material and leather stitched strap. The finish of the body and perfection in craftsmanship is impressive and that is what appeals to the consumers.  

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