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HTC One M10 Release Date, Specs, New Features and Improvements

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One M10 is on its way to improvements than the earlier ones, now the expectations as compare to the One M9 are higher with regard to the better features surfaced the last year. The Christian Post carried the news after gathering the critics and consumer’s view points and the features are being inserted that is going to combat the harms in water as well as in the dust as the resistance has been enhanced along with the camera in more specification, not only that, the battery as well as the display is also on the improvement. 

The media is getting a grip over it that the HTC One M10 being rumored pertaining to the improvements putting into practice so the next Smartphone HTC One M10 is being awaited anxiously. It has been reported by the Deccan Chronicle that the Smartphone HTC One M10 now will have the capabilities not to let the water and dust penetrate into the Smartphone HTC One M10. Besides, the Smartphone HTC One M10 will be powered by the Qualcomm which is as everybody knows the newest processor installed in the cellphone called the Snapdragon 820.

The earlier Snapdragon 810 let the complaints surface on the scene with regard to the overheating problems in it a number of Smartphone models were equipped with the issues but now the newly awaited HTC One M10 is not the one as compare to the earlier one, means the Snapdragon 820 has been manufactured with more improvements. Coming to the RAM as on the end of the website of HTC One M10 plus made it a point that the HTC One M10’s Smartphones, processor is getting supported by the 4 GB of RAM. The website also made the revelation that the HTC has the privilege to equip this Smartphone HTC One M10 with twin SIMS as it will lend support to the 4G networks along with the other 3G and 2G infrastructure. The users of HTC One M10 will have an extraordinary facilitator in the form of this Smartphone. This Smartphone is also soliciting the support of the most modern software by the Android, means the Android M.

Reverting to the battery as per the Venture Capital Post the HTC Smartphone One M10 will be equipped with a 4000 mAh battery, it will also carry two cameras, firstly a 27 mp the main camera and the 5 mp front facing camera, the storage capacity options with 64 GB and 128 GB. The improvements are continuing with regard to the display quality as the reports are pouring in. The HTC Smartphone One M10 as per the Latino Post, it will upgrade a display resolution of the upcoming Smartphone to 1440 x 2560 p, the employment of Corning Gorilla Glass 4 along with the cover with 2.5D display quality. 

The stunning news is also making the headline on the end of the Christian Post that one more HTC Smartphone is going to be exhibited towards the tail of the current year. The HTC One M10 Plus released the report that the said M10 is not legging behind in fingerprint scanning capabilities coupled with fast charging that is wireless. The Touch ID an Iris Eye Tec and crafted with more features like multitasking. The website speaks about the release date the March 2016 as the M9 was unearthed in March 15, 2015.    

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