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List Of All Tablets Comes With 1GB RAM In Belarus With Price

Plum Optimax 12
BYR 1,581,760
Plum Optimax 11
BYR 1,779,480
BLU Touchbook M7
BYR 1,384,040
Plum Optimax 10
BYR 2,174,920
Plum Optimax 7.0
BYR 1,186,320
Allview AX501Q
BYR 1,779,480
Plum Optimax 8.0
BYR 1,384,040
Archos 70d Titanium
BYR 1,581,760
Archos 116 Neon
BYR 3,954,400
Archos 101c Xenon 3G
BYR 3,163,520
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All Latest and Best Tablets comes with 1GB RAM in Belarus with Prices and Full Specifications