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iOS 9 newly added features review in Details

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iOS is a standard operating system from Apple and is successfully being used since long  in all Apple devices. Users are waiting to get the latest iOS and now the wait is over; the iOS9 is available for common users with all improved features. According to Apple, the latest iOS 9 is better, faster, more efficient and more capable in comparison with other versions of iOS. Users will be happy and surprised to experience this wonderful new development. According to Apple, there are many new features have been  added in this iOS 9. 

Battery widget: Apple added the new widget in iOS 9 for notification center to aware the users about battery charging of their Apple iPhone or any other connected Apple devices. 

Details of Battery Usage: iOS 9 opens the new door of informatioon for the users and lets them know about the apps which suck the battery life. With this app, the user can see the battery consumption of each application. To instal this app users need to go in  Settings > and select Battery and all of the information about the battery is on your screen. There is a clock button present inside the app which allows the users to monitor the app performance and time of consuming the battery life and users are able to save their handset battery.

Rapid calling and messaging App: Another exciting feature added in iOS 9 is Rapid calling and messaging app. Just swipe down or right on the home screen and the buttons will appear and allow the users to select the contact and call or send message.  Users don't need to go to the specific menu to open or select the specific contact.

Deactivate lowercase keys: Most of the users hesitate to use the lowercase keys while typing. For them Apple built the new app ‘Deactivate lowercase’ key in iOS 9. To activate these app users need to go in Settings > General > Accessibility > Keyboard and slide the toggle next to Show Lowercase Keys to off. This will function like iOS8.

Mail Markup: Apple designed the new Mail app for iOS 9 called ‘Mail Markup’. This application allows the users to attach the file or photo in shortest time.  Users just need to select the photo and hold on it and the image is attached and after that users need to tap Markup.

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Hide multiple images at once: in iOS 8 the app is present and allows the users to hide the selected image but in iOS8 users are able to hide one image at once but in iOS 9 the feature gets improved and allows the users to select the multiple images and hides them at once. 

Search in Settings:  commonly the operating system is overloaded with lots of icons and makes it time-consuming  to select the particular app. In case of iOS 9 the search bar automatically appears on top of the screen and allows the users to select  the specific apps which they need at the time. 

No More  Wallet from opening on your lock screen: in case of iOS 9users just need to double tap the button and the Wallet is open. However Apple Pay opens in its own app when users need to use them and if you want this app also to open with other apps users just need to select Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and slide the toggle next to Wallet and the Wallet app is open and if want to close the app simply follow Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and slide the toggle next to Wallet to off.

Shut down the shake: Shake feature in the operating system is not useful for everyone but for some users this is the most desirable feature. To disable it users just need to go Settings > General > Accessibility > Shake to Undo and slide the toggle to off to disable the feature.

iCloud Drive app: Apple also included a new app that is iCloud in iOS9. It is not always visible on the home screen. It provides the users the facility of storage of data. To see it go to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and slide the toggle next to “Show on Home Screen”.

Change the function of the mute switch: with this application users can either mute it or disable the screen rotating feature. To activate this option go to  Settings > General user now see an option to configure their iOS devices. 

 Speak Selection: with this application user will have the different types of voice. For utilising this app go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Voices and select the desired language to check out the new voice options.

Reader Mode enhancements: if the user is reading something on a webpage they have the option to change the background color, font and more. For this users have to open it in Safari browser. 

Quick Reply enhancements: users may be using any application, on appearance on any notification for the call or a message, a reply can be given in the same mode without going into the call or messaging mode.

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