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Raheel Khiyani Says:

Hey i want buy Iphone5s/32GB i want to know the current price in CNY thanks.

2017-07-29 / 14:05:02

sabin Says:

i am looking for iphone 5s silver 16 GB , if it's available please relay with price thank you

2017-07-24 / 07:19:35

sanogo salimata edwige Says:

I need a iphone 5S with mémory 1 GB RAM and 32GB Storage

2017-07-12 / 18:20:12

Main Uddin Mozumder Says:

Dear Sir, I want to buy iPhone 5s but where do I get? plz inform me at my phone number 36502144 Thanks

2017-05-24 / 19:50:13

Benert cobbina Says:

Pls am desperately in needed of apple fone 6 please sir have my cell number and help me buy one i have money but i need the original product of apple fone Ghana here there are soo many fake apple product here that is why am worrying you sir new or used one provided is a original apple fone i will buy it WhatsApp or call my cell fone number for anything +233245119256

2017-05-20 / 00:13:58

diana Says:

i want to know the price of IPhone 5S now please

2016-11-01 / 17:13:56

ismail reply:
bd te 24000 bahrain a 23000

2016-12-10 10:23:40

jamil ahmed inamdar Says:

i want iphone 4s

2016-10-04 / 15:52:34

Madusanka Manimendra Says:

I want know about price of 5s and 6s

2016-06-13 / 06:05:21

Alagie Says:

iphone is simply the best

2016-03-07 / 09:53:44

mitesh chaudhari Says:

i want iPhone 5s

2016-03-07 / 00:46:29

dmitry Says:

Hello my name is Dmitry I have a question I want to buy you ayfon5s tell you can send it to Ukraine please send email to thank you very much

2016-03-06 / 06:18:02

jeremy gil trofeo Says:

where is your store location here in oman

2016-03-02 / 08:07:46

hridoy Says:

actully now iPhone 5s price in Bangladesh is not much high.. please change it...

2016-02-08 / 23:33:29

prakasan Says:

i need this phone. luanda where availeble

2016-02-08 / 13:31:24

Tomi Says:

Is it china or just second hand

2016-01-29 / 02:36:38

Shahul hameed Says:

Hi brother assalamu alaiikum How much iphone 5s mobile My number is 50336848

2016-01-16 / 23:03:21

Reyane Says:

Is this price still available right now?

2015-11-07 / 16:09:31

kaycee Says:

Is the iphone 5s still available for this price and where can I get it in kharkiv

2015-11-04 / 09:33:13

Abilash PG Says:

how can i avail this iphones 5s unit im here in Mahboulla, Kuwait?

2015-10-02 / 14:38:33

summer Says:

how can avail this iphones 5s unit im here in doha qatar?

2015-09-13 / 01:54:19

shekh noor Says:

Hi i want iphone 5s please contact me i am at doha qatar

2015-02-23 / 23:58:38

noble Says:

can i able to get this phone in ukraine can i get pls tell me.......

2014-11-08 / 16:02:36

umesh mk Says:

how to shift whatsapp voice message to music file

2014-09-25 / 02:35:15

abhishek Says:

what is with contract and unlocked and can i get an with contract phone and i am in india

2014-07-28 / 01:12:27

Sarjun Says:

hai I need iphone 5s please contact me I m in riyadh

2014-07-18 / 07:41:37

airman Says:

i got iphone 5s unlocked for 600 email me if interested lapin85x @ hotmail . com

2014-06-26 / 10:57:13

ömer yöneten Says:

Hi there, where can i buy iphone 5s by this price in Jeddah? please contact with me..

2014-06-10 / 05:50:15

Reply Says:

from where can i buy iphone 5 by this price in Egypt,cairo? Please answer :),Thanks

2014-06-02 / 20:38:58

S.akram(tonmoy) Says:

9c.But I need i-phone 6

2014-05-22 / 06:07:48

bruceren1988 Says:

Cheap sale iphone5, iphone5s, for more quotes, please email me and I will reply as soon as possible.

2014-05-14 / 10:15:14

Chris Anderson Says:

iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4s/5/5s//5C in stock for sale at much more reduced prices. i Phone 5 64GB Cost......US$520 i Phone 5 32GB Cost......US$500 i Phone 5 16GB Cost......US$480 16GB iPhone 5S Cost......US$600 32GB iPhone 5S Cost......US$620 64GB iPhone 5S Cost......US$680 16GB iPhone 5c Cost......US$440 32GB iPhone 5c Cost......US$450 64GB iPhone 5c Cost......US$490 Contact us Via:

2014-05-13 / 03:38:26

Chris Anderson Says:

iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4s/5/5s//5C in stock for sale at much more reduced prices. i Phone 5 64GB Cost.....US$520 i Phone 5 32GB Cost.....US$500 i Phone 5 16GB Cost.....US$480 16GB iPhone 5S Cost.....US$600 32GB iPhone 5S Cost.....US$620 64GB iPhone 5S Cost.....US$680 16GB iPhone 5c Cost.....US$440 32GB iPhone 5c Cost.....US$450 64GB iPhone 5c Cost.....US$490 Contact us Via:

2014-05-12 / 03:08:42

Tabinda Atif Says:

hi, im interested in the iphone 5S, unlocked. How can i purchase it from you?! i live in Jeddah. whats ur method of delivery? hope to get a response from you soon. Thanks.

2014-05-06 / 03:57:36

josephine Says:

email me for orders

2014-05-03 / 07:50:27

Chris Anderson Says:

iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4s/5/5s//5C in stock for sale at much more reduced prices. Contact us Via:

2014-04-28 / 02:59:43

Igor Says:

Good day. My name is Igor. I live in Ukraine (non-EU). I am interested in apple products (10-100 units per week). Price? Delivery? Pay? Terms of Business (agreement)? Thank you. Waiting for reply.

2014-04-13 / 12:27:49

Fahad Says:

Hi what is the model number??is it working in oman 4G network??? how can i buy it??

2014-04-13 / 02:26:06

farzan Says:

Can any1 tll me the LATEST price of iphone 5s 32gb in saudi arabia

2014-04-01 / 09:13:07


please let me know how to order 3 pices 5S 16gb to russia.

2014-03-16 / 08:28:25

umi Says:

hi can you please let me know how much is the postage for uk and how long it will take.i want to order more than 20 sets

2014-03-08 / 17:15:17

anton brijith Says:

I want iphone 5s exclusive mobile

2014-03-08 / 01:11:06

eliran Says:

hi.. i come to berlin in a few days. and i want to buy 5s gold 16g sim free.. i want to know a price please.. thank you a good luck

2014-03-02 / 14:47:00

Amr Says:

I would like to buy Iphone 5s Gold 16GB unlocked, so would you please tell me how much and how can i get it from you ?

2014-02-18 / 14:41:16

Ahmed Says:

Kindly send me how much if i want 50 Iphone send me all the data thanks.

2014-02-12 / 18:50:21

hasan Says:

I want buy I phone 5s black 16 GB,plz send me the price and how i can get it from you

2014-02-04 / 06:45:37

Maher Salem Says:

Hi, I want to buy Apple I phone 5s 16 GB uNLOCKED 4G, contact me .

2014-01-28 / 07:48:23

Nada Says:

hello! i would like to ask how much is the iphone 5s gold 16gb and how can i buy it from you??

2014-01-06 / 09:17:14

Dalia Says:

Where can i buy it?

2014-01-01 / 07:33:25

Nuuman Says:

I wanna buy I phone 5s gold 16 GB

2013-12-19 / 09:04:02

sathyan Says:

when will the 4G conectivity happen for iphone 5S in Oman. I will buy the moment 4G connectivity is acitivated

2013-11-15 / 02:33:42


Quick Specifications

OS: iOS 7
Camera 8MP/1.2MP
Display: 4" HD
CPU:  Dual Core
Chip:  Apple A7
RAM:  1GB 
Battery: 1560 mAh
Network: GSM, EVDO, LTE
Storage:  16/64/128GB
F.Scanner Yes

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