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All Quad Core Xiaomi Smartphone In Cameroon, Price And Specs

Xiaomi Redmi 6A
CFA 57,330
Xiaomi Redmi 5A
CFA 51,870
Xiaomi Mi 6 128GB
CFA 229,320
Xiaomi Mi S
CFA 185,640
Xiaomi Redmi 4a
CFA 49,140
Xiaomi Mi 5s
CFA 163,800
Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus
CFA 207,480
Xiaomi Mi Max
CFA 131,040
Xiaomi Mi Note 2
CFA 218,400
Xiaomi Mi Note
CFA 185,640
Xiaomi Redmi 2S
CFA 81,900
Xiaomi MI 4 LTE
CFA 218,400
Xiaomi MI-3 64 GB
CFA 163,800
Xiaomi MI-3 16 GB
CFA 114,660
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All latest and Best Quad core CPU xiaomi Smartphone with prices in Cameroon and Full Specifications.