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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Ready To Launch

Maq Ahmed Editor Rating: 4 / 5

Samsung's annual up-gradation to its even larger screen Galaxy Note series is about to surface the scene, or as we suspect. As the Galaxy Note phones, supersize have been sufficiently popular enough Samsung for the renewal of series every September, that is why we are beginning to track down our Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors now.


Samsung spearheaded pioneering the big phone passion, which Apple validates this year with its 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, it was the first big screen phone by Apple. Now the Samsung is holding a position as the originator to attract the "phablet" fans to its next Note, this is the phone that has the difference in itself from the pack by inclusive a stylus for navigation and drawing. 

The Occasion of the Launch

Normally, I would like to say that all the wagers are putting bets on the IFA, the big technical show that took place in every year of September in Berlin but this year it is running from September 4-9, with the press days as the likelihood is the 2nd and the 3rd. Since the Samsung has launched the every Note phone without failure, as the precedent has been set up. 


However, the rumor is circulating that the Samsung might shake up the things a little bit, while announcing the Note 5 and a new Galaxy S6 Edge+ phone, fundamentally a larger version of the Galaxy S6 Edge on August 12 instead. If we go for the off chance, so this is the situation, it sounds that Samsung will let host its own launch event, and may be roll out Samsung Pay while they are at it. 

The Design and the Build

Big enough" is the word for the portrayal of the Note 5. That is because the Samsung started off this entire "phablet" furoray in the first place. In the year 2011, the genuine Note's 5.3-inch screen size sounded to be strangely immense. Now, you can lighten your wallet with over 6-inch displays. 

For the last two phases, Samsung held the Note size consistent at 5.7 inches. While the company is able to bump up the screen size always, bigger phone dimensions appear to be a bad idea. The Galaxy Note 4 is hitting that sweet spot in between a costly screen you can use to write, to view and put it to multitask on a body that is comfortable more or less for the adults to hold. The stylus resembles with the Note 4, so you rest assured that it will be a big enough part of this phone, built in the holster as well.

I have the confidence that Samsung will apply the S6's updated fingerprint reader to the Note 5, coupled with a heart-rate monitor on it, and the chance is that the same infrared blasters in order to tune up the TV as we have seen on the many higher-end Samsung phones.


The Availability And The Pricing 

The buying cost varies from region to region, but it is safe to understand that Note 5 prices will fall in the same ballpark like the Note 4. The rumors about the SamMobile circulate that the launch will take place on the August 12, 2015, so the August 21 will follow the sale date.


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