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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Release Date, new features latest updates and rumors

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Samsung is busy in preparing the next flagship of the year which is surely called Galaxy S7 and for the continuing in tradition which is the main purpose of Samsung it is expected that the Edge version of the handset will be released with the regular version and as the trend suggest the edge version of the smartphone called Galaxy S7 Edge which is the edge screen version of the handset and will come with many improved cost effective changes. 

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date and Price

When we talk about the Samsung we have a clear history of smartphones release by the company in front of us. This year Samsung already launch their flagship Galaxy S6 and the Edge version of the handset known as Galaxy S6 Edge. So it is very clear that the next flagship of the company will release next year in 2016 and according to the previous released examples of the company it is expected that the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge will release during the next upcoming MWD which will be held on March 2016.  

Though now only the rumors are available about the handset over the internet and no information about the price available but we have a general idea abstract from the previous Galaxy S6 Edge example that the latest S7 Edge version will be the costly Android Phone because making the Edge screen is the minutest process and it is not only consuming the time its also increase the cost of production and this is the only reason the Edge version of the handset will sell in a costly price.

Improved Features

When we talking about the future we expect to have the improved features and things which give us the more comfort in a compact manner, same is in the case of Galaxy S7 Edge. The stated below are the improved and better features are expected in Galaxy S7 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Design

There are many rumors come from the different sources about the design of the upcoming Galaxy S7 Edge. But we already known that Samsung is too trendy and it’s not easy to change the tradition so we are not expecting many design changes in Galaxy S7 Edge. The only thing is curious that the how much weight Galaxy S7 Edge will carry and what is the thickness of the device.

 Astonishing Display

Many websites revealed many facts about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. But the most common hypothesis is generated for the display of the handset. It is expected that the new Galaxy S7 Edge will come with the stunning display which is not only sharp in performance but also has the great readability.  This is a fact that designed the curved display is not easy but Samsung did the good job and proved that the South Korean giant is one of the best smartphone manufacturer. The rumors suggest that the galaxy S7 Edge will come with 4K display and the expected size of the screen is 5.5 inches. Well if the rumors turn to the fact the handset with the eye catching display will come with the name Galaxy S7 Edge.

Upgraded Processor

Qualcomm is the provider designed the latest chipsets for the all big upcoming handset it is expected that the next generation smartphones will be equipped with the more powerful processors and chipsets and we have a hints with us that the new galaxy S7 Edge will be featured with Snapdragon 820 chipset but one thing is need to be cleared here that the Samsung always launch the two version of the device one is run the Qualcomm chipset and the other one will be  powered with Samsung’s own Exynos chipset.   

Efficient Camera

Camera is the essential part of any smartphone and Samsung is too particular for the usage of latest technology. The upcoming galaxy S7 Edge belongs to the modest era so the camera is also improved in the handset. The rumors said that the Galaxy S7 Edge will has 30 megapixel rear and 10 megapixel front facing snapper for taking the selfies.

 Improved Battery Life

The handset is not only big in size but also packed with the many powerful features so the mobile phone needs a powerful battery for working in logical manner. Samsung might place 2550 mAh battery inside the handset to work in a proper manner.



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