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The Galaxy S7 by Samsung, The Next Generation Galaxy S Is Undergoing The Testing

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Samsung’s Galaxy is not beholden to any introduction in the world as the S series have revolutionized among the Smartphones as for its renowned specifications. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Smartphones on the end of the Samsung is Galaxy ruled the hearts being stylish devices as the arguments are being advanced. In Barcelona at the outset of the year, The Mobile World Congress is credited with the pride as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge emerged triumphant in its design.
The globe is getting prepared by the Android and making the world waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 pronouncement in the restricted days as its sound the Korean craftsman are engaged in developing and the testing is undergoing for the upcoming S series device at the hands of the company’s flagship. The Samsung Galaxy S7 an Android Smartphone, as the name S suggests is being tested the Qualcomm chipset called Snapdragon 820. The leak, as per the report by Phone Arena is the document which found its release on the website called Weibo, the Chinese social website. The Qualcomm MSM8996 found its name on the listing and the “hero” was appended to it and this action strengthened the rumor and the specs, the predicted device will turn out to be the Samsung Galaxy S7. Anyhow it is worthy of notice that the manufactures from Korea choiced for the Qualcomm Snapdragon while the most existing of its flagships remained the company’s personal Exynos chipsets.


The Jungfrau codename has been appended to it as per the reports. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a novelty in its displaying trait the expectation is being raised with the 5.5 inches the 4K called the Super AMOLED displaying quality. It paces up quick in browsing and its performance is equipped with up grading technique. As the 5G network performs good networking. Coming to the RAM, the Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 handset will be equipped with the 4GB RAM as the report suggests. The storage supporting the Samsung Galaxy S7 may emerge with 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB as the variance is likely. The rumors speak the Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 will come out fitted with a 10 mega pixel camera housed in the front and the rear seated camera will 30 mega pixel retains the likelihood.

The company is feared for the overheating issues, the fear is being driven away while bringing it under the test trial with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 as the company wants the concerns must be nip in the bud. The report is symbolic keeping in view of its developments as Samsung Galaxy S7 may be fished out earlier than expected as compare to the Galaxy S6. In a nut shell, the next generation Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone will see the quick development and the probability exists that the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2016 at the venue of the Las Vegas. The expectation may be formed that pertaining to the price the variance is there looking to the predecessor of it. 
The variance about Samsung Galaxy S7 is guessed with the 32 GB installation and it will be carried to the cost about $999.             

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