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iOS 9 Release date New features and how to download and Install iOS 9 beta Version

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Apple has designed its smartphones and other communication devices in a flexible manner and can accommodate new changes in its functions and operating system. In the series of updates it has travelled a long way and reached iOS 9 which is going to be next and the latest iPhone and iPad update that will improve Siri, public transit directions to Maps, true tablet multitasking and new built-in apps.


This announcement was made yesterday and no doubt this is a big project by Apple happening between the period of launching Apple watch and the later iPhones expected in September 2015 which is iPhone 6S. This update iOS 9 can be downloaded by developer’s right today.

iOS 9 is a big step towards the stability; it is a smaller download in size and legacy phone and tablet compatibility. The previous iPhone and iPad devices can also download and work on iOS 9 if they work current on iOS 8.

iOS 9 release date

For iOS developers program iOS 9beta is available today as per Apple’s tradition for quick launching and issuing it to the users the earliest possible. However only registered developers can get it and it requires payment of a fee. Others who want iOS 9 without any payment will have to be patient and wait till the public beta version will issued in July or may be even later when the new iPhone is launched that may happen in September. This delay can be useful because the initial version or iOS9 beta 1 may have bugs and maybe to some extent incomplete. However it will be perfect when the gold master version will be released.

How to install iOS 9 beta on iPhone or iPad


If you are an iPhone or iPad user and you want to get the iOS 9 update the earliest, you can get this latest operating system for Apple’s mobile devices from the developer website. Before getting this update you have to register your Apple iPhones or iPad with the developer website and then you can download iOS 9 beta and install it in your device.

First sing in through developer account and select technologies, scroll to the iOS section and select what is new in iOS 9. Then chose the type of iOS device for which you wish to download and install the update. After selecting it download the iOS 9 beta. 

Before downloading the new version you have to backup the current version in your device in iCloud or iTunes because once done the earlier version can not be restore. After downloading iOS9 Beta for your device you would like to launch iTunes on your Macand then select the connected iPhone or iPad in the devices column. Hold the Option key down and click on Restore iPhone/iPad/iPod button. Choose the iOS 9 beta software image you downloaded above, and click Open to start installation. Let your iPhone or iPad do its thing, and it will reboot. You’ll need a network connection to complete activation, but once you enter in those details, you should be ready to go.

List of Compatible devices


iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and later.


iPad 2, iPad 3rd Gen, iPad 4th Gen, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 and later


iPod touch 5th Gen

Improved New Features of iOS 9 Beta

Efficient Siri


The program Siri is more improved in iOS 9 than Google and has better sound recognition than Google. It can fulfill the commands in an efficient manner and understand the word in context. Users can add appointments to add in calendar and can bring out photos on location and time. Siri has better location recognition and is more proactive to locations. Siri is a perfect assistant in iOS 9 and will not let you miss anything. It can bring up the audio book you were listening in your car and can remind you when to leave for an appointment. In case of iOS 9 it can give context to random numbers that often call you and can read into emails that you must reply or ignore.

On Apple devices over 1 billion requests are made over a week and they are carried out with good accuracy and now iOS 9 has improved Siri 40% in speed and 40% more in accuracy.

Apple Pay expands


Apple Pay feature so far has been operative in the US only but iOS 9 is including it for the UK as well starting from next month. It will handle 70% credit and debit cards dealing with Lloyds Bank, Bank of Scotland and HSBC. This feature will be expended to Canada and China soon.

iOS 9 is expending Apple pay feature in an immense manner and its previous name Passbook is being renamed to Wallet.

Apple News apps


The news apps are also improved previously Newsstand is renamed with News and now presented in magazine style. Apple News for iOS 9 is Flipboard, HTC BlinkFeed and Feedly wrapped into one app that can be personalized and is available in US, UK and Australia.

Apple Maps


Like Google maps Apple iOS 9 includes Apple maps and provides directions it the default navigation app and has included now public transit directions. Routes for buses, trains, subways and, even ferries are part of Apple Maps. This goes live this fall in Baltimore, Berlin, Chicago, London, Mexico City, New York City, Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay Area, Toronto and Washington D.C.

Multitasking for iPad


iOS 9 will bring multitasking to its newer iPad tablets. iPads will be more efficient in multitasking than before and users who prefer Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or any Android Tablet will realize better efficiency of iPad multitasking with iOS9. All iPad devices are compatible with features like slide over and picture in picture.

Generally Multitasking is understood as spilt view mode that two apps run side by side in different windows and have a multi touch characteristic.

New iOS 9 keyboard

Apple launched their best Quick Type Keyboard with iOS 8 and the new improvements are being incorporated in this keyboard in the upcoming version of iOS. The new keyboard has built-in short cut bar and suggestion on writing. The other options like Cut copy and paste are placed to the left while bold, italic, underline and attachments are placed to the right.


Cursor control is now easier with a handy (or finger) slide mechanic when using two fingers. It basically turns the iPad Quick Type keyboard into a track pad.

Finally, shortcuts are coming to wireless keyboards so that you can interact with apps using their own built-in shortcut keys. Pressing and holding the Command, Option or Control key brings up the shortcut list.


iOS 9 is taking the technology to limits and improving things beyond imagination. The features described above have put in a huge power in the hand of the user and not all the users can benefit from them because their scope is too vast. However these improvements are in logical direction and have made things much easier. Now an iPhones is taking the place of a personal assistant and we can assign maximum task to this wonder of technology.


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