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Samsung Galaxy S5 Design, Preview, news, release date, Price and Specs.

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With the Samsung Galaxy S4 now old boater having been overtaken by the iPhone 5S and Google Nexus 5, Samsung has promised some impressive Samsung Galaxy S5 specs are on the horizon, while the rumor mill has offered even more.

Design 3.0

According to unnamed “sources close to the South Korean phone maker,” recent reports have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be used to launch a new ‘Design 3.0’ standard within the company. Design 3.0 really means in terms of looks, we can now confirm that Samsung will start to use aluminum for its high-end smart phones, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the first one to receive this treatment.”Further intimation at a change in design and materials, Samsung recently acquired carbon fiber specialist the SGL Group, announcing in an official statement that it would be using the high-end lightweight materials in future phones and tablets.


This week Samsung has teased a range of potential Samsung Galaxy S5 features. Speaking at its annual Analyst Day in Seoul, South Korean, the manufacturer has suggested that its 2014 phones i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S5 will boast impressive 2560 x 1440 pixel displays as well as 16-megapixel ISOCELL camera sensors and as much as 4GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors have pointed to the device trading in its less than impressive plastic build in favor of a new metal option; Samsung itself has stated the phone will support a 64-bit processor. While it might copy the iPhone 5S' CPU, Samsung has stated the S5 will not feature an integrated fingerprint scanner. Samsung Galaxy S5 launch next year.

Multitasking capabilities

A chip that could spell more than increased speeds and improved multitasking capabilities, the Samsung Galaxy S5 RAM improvement could result in a slimmer phone with a better battery life. An official spokesperson for the company stated: "Samsung's new ultra-slim memory solutions will enable thinner smart phone designs and allow for additional battery space, while offering a data transfer speed of up to 2,133 megabits per second (Mbps) per pin."

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specifications

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 having taken smart phone specs to the next level, it is widely expected that the South Korean manufacturer will continue with a similar trend with the next-generation S5. Although few areas of the phone’s features list have yet been rumored, certain elements have been teased.

Metal stiff

According to further Korean national news outlets, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will also adopt an aluminum or other metal body in a bid to keep footing with the high-end and luxurious path being counterfeit out by its competitors, Apple and HTC. Further reports have suggested the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date will see the handset line up with 3GB of RAM in tow. A feature that has also been mooted for the imminent Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the S5's expansive RAM has been hinted at after the company's latest development announcement.

Camera sensor

Other recently emerged Samsung Galaxy S5 reports have claimed the upcoming handset will make use of a new 16-megapixel smart phone camera sensor, offing high-end snaps that will finally spell the end for the dedicated compact camera. According to further leaks, the Samsung Galaxy S5 specs sheet will see the new 16-megapixel camera sensor further bolstered by optical image stabilization features.

Samsung Galaxy S5 news bulletin

Ensuring it is not left behind; latest Samsung Galaxy S5 news has once again seen the upcoming handset tipped to run a 64-bit processor, similar to that found in the new iPhone 5S. While Samsung’s CEO of Mobile Shin Jong-Kyun recently stated that "yes, our next smart phones will have 64-bit processing functionality," reports of production issues had hinted this feature might not drop until later in 2014 aboard the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Unlike the S4 and the follow-on S4 Active, recent reports out of Korea have hinted that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be a waterproof and dustproof direct from the box, much like the Sony Xperia Z1.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Price

Although the Samsung Galaxy S5 price is a long way from being confirmed, it has already been suggested that the S5 will cost more than its already pricy predecessor. According to the same unnamed sources who have claimed a metal bodied design will be bestowed upon the next-gen handset, the Samsung Galaxy S5 price will be bumped up by the new premium building materials.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date

As you would expect, Samsung has yet to give any direct indication as to when the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date will be held. If Samsung sticks with past tradition and it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date will be held sometime around April or May 2014.


With the Samsung Galaxy S4 having been widely criticised for its plastic form factor which failed to match up to the brushed metal highlights of the iPhone 5 or HTC One, Samsung is widely expected to adopt an all new finish for the S5, with new aluminum body repeatedly tipped.

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