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All Quad Core Coolpad Smartphone In Colombia, Price And Specs

CoolPad A1
COP 760,000
CoolPad Mega 4A
COP 665,000
CoolPad NX1
COP 1,235,000
CoolPad Roar 5
COP 665,000
CoolPad Cool Play 6C
COP 1,235,000
CoolPad Torino S2
COP 1,425,000
CoolPad Modena 2
COP 1,805,000
CoolPad Defiant
COP 760,000
CoolPad Cool S1
COP 3,515,000
CoolPad ivvi i Plus
COP 2,850,000
CoolPad lvvi K1 Mini
COP 1,900,000
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All latest and Best Quad core CPU coolpad Smartphone with prices in Colombia and Full Specifications.