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All Hexa Core Smartphone In Colombia, Price And Specs

Apple iPhone X
COP 9,490,500
Sony Xperia X 2017
COP 3,705,000
Apple iPhone 8 Plus
COP 7,790,000
Apple iPhone 8
COP 6,745,000
Xiaomi Mi Mix
COP 4,275,000
ViVo Xplay 5 Elite
COP 5,890,000
Acer Liquid Jade 2
COP 4,275,000
Google Nexus 5x
COP 3,800,000
Sony Xperia Z6 Lite
COP 4,370,000
HTC One x9
COP 2,470,000
Meizu MX Pro 5 mini
COP 4,275,000
LG V10
COP 2,850,000
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All latest and Best Hexa core CPU Mobile Phone with prices in Colombia and Full Specifications.