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LG V20 Users Claim Smartphone’s Main Camera Glass Easily Smashes

Before launching a smartphone into the market every company tests it how it works against its rival devices. Every flagship undergoes different types of test, but the new faults on smartphones are reveals  every other day.

This time center of attention is lately launched LG v20, users claim that the smartphone’s main camera’s glass splinters without being put under much pressure. Many LG V20 consumers have claimed that the glass on the primary camera on their phone is extremely brittle and breaks without even being dropped.

A user on Reddit said that the main camera’s glass bust even within five hours of receiving the consignment. Another user said that the glass cover on the main camera of the LG V20 developed cracks as he kept the LED flashlight on for half an hour.

The JerryRigEverything posted a durability test video of the LG V20 last week on YouTube channel; the tester found that although the glass on the rear camera doesn’t scratch very easily, it breaks without being subjected to too much pressure. In a YouTube video, the tester tried to test if the glass gets dented by metal picks when, all of an unexpected, it started showing cracks.

Many cases have been reported regarding LG V20 camera, still we have to wait and see if this problem is common on most LG V20 devices or not.  After this case, it seems that Android mobile makers Samsung and LG are falling behind in the basic parts of developing a Smartphone while introducing other innovative features.