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Comparison of latest Huawei smartphones, which one is better for you

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Huawei is offering some new smartphones of different series – Mate 10 Pro, Mate 10 Lite, Honor View 10 (V10), Honor 7X, and Nova 2s. It is very difficult for a Huawei fan to select a best smartphone according to his requirement and budget so we are comparing these latest Huawei smartphones for your ease in order to help you to choose the best option.



Display Comparison


Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Mate 10 Lite, Honor View 10, Honor 7X and Nova 2s all these smartphones have same 18:9 aspect ratio and 1080 x 2160 pixels resolution but the display sizes and types are different.

The Mate 10 Pro comes with 6.0 inches Super AMOLED display, the Nova 2s has also 6.0 inches display but with IPS LCD panel, the Honor View 10 sports5.99 inches LTPS IPS LCD display, the Honor 7X and Mate 10 Litehaving5.9-inch IPS LCD touchscreen.



If you want to buy a best display Huawei smartphone then you can select either of Mate 10 Pro and Honor View 10.The alternative choice for budget followers is the Huawei Nova 2swhich’s display is also excellent. The Honor 7X and Mate 10 Lite are also good but they don’t provide brighter and sharper result like the Mate 10 Pro and Honor View 10.


Software Comparison


Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Honor View 10 both flagship smartphones have latest EMUI 8.0 based on sweet Android OSv8.0 (Oreo).The additional feature of Mate 10 Pro is HDR10 complaint.

In the mid-range, you will get only the Nova 2s having EMUI 8.0 overlay on Android 8.0 Oreo. The Honor 7X and Mate 10 Lite get Android OS 7.0 (Nougat) skinned with EMUI 5.0 interface.



If your wish is to get latest Android OS with further polished EMUI 8.0 then you should select Nova 2s which has newest software within mid-range price. The Mate 10 Pro and Honor View 10 are also superb but they are slightly expensive.


Performance Comparison


Huawei Honor View 10 and Mate 10 Pro are best and reliable for much smoother multitasking and gaming performance due to their high-end Kirin 970 chipset, faster Octa core processor and 4/6GB RAM. The 2nd best smartphone for smooth performance is Nova 2s which packs efficient Kirin 960 SoC, Octa core processor, and 4/6 GB RAM. The Honor 7X and Mate 10 Lite has Kirin 659 chipset which is perfect for mid-range handsets. Both have octa core processor but the 7X has 3GB RAM and the 10 Lite has 4GB RAM so there is slightly difference between the multi-tasking performance.



If you would like to get extremely well performance and wish to enhance your gaming experience within affordable cost then you can go for Nova 2s which has slightly downgraded but having powerful Kirin 960.

For best graphics you can select either of Honor View 10 or Mate 10 Pro. Other phones are also amazing but they can’t beat the Mate 10 Pro in the graphic battle.


Camera Comparison


Huawei Honor 7X, Honor View 10, Nova 2s, Mate 10 Pro and Mate 10 Lite all the handsets have dual rear camera lenses. The Nova 2s and Mate 10 Lite have also dual selfie cameras.

1 – Mate 10 Pro: Dual primary 12MP + 20MP Leica optics and 8MP selfie shooter. The handset can record brighter QHD and FHD videos.

2 – Honor View 10: Dual 16MP + 20MP rear snappers and 13MP front camera. It can capture QHD videos.

3 –Nova 2s: Dual 16MP + 20MP rear cameras and Dual 20MP + 2MP front sensor. The device can shoot brighter and sharper FHD videos as well as the best selfies.

4 –Mate 10 Lite: Dual 12MP + 2MP back cameras and dual 13MP + 2MP selfie snappers. It can lock FHD videos and better result selfies.

5 –Honor 7X: Dual 16MP + 2MP primary lenses and 8MP selfie taker. It can record amazing FHD videos.



Huawei Mate 10 Pro is best for photography lovers while the Nova 2s is best for selfie lovers. The Honor View 10 is the 2nd best smartphone for photography while the Mate 10 Lite is second best for selfies. The Honor 7X is also very good for shooting but it gets last place in the camera comparison with its siblings.


Battery Comparison


Huawei Mate 10 Pro is armed with a 4000mAh battery. It achieves 96 hours endurance rating for its long life time performance. The Honor View 10 is powered by 3750mAh battery which gets about90 hours endurance rating. The other smartphones including Nova 2s, Honor 7X and Mate 10 Lite are energized with3340mAh battery which is satisfactory for a single day with moderate usage.



If your requirement is to get a long lasting Huawei smartphone then you can purchase Honor View 10 as well as Mate 10 Pro.


Other Features


Huawei Mate 10 Pro is IP67 certified while the others are not. The Mate 10 Pro, Honor View 10 and Nova 2s are supported with fast charging and USB-C but the Honor 7X and Mate 10 Lite have not fast charging support and USB-C port. The Mate 10 Lite and Honor 7X are not available with 6GB RAM and 128GB Storage whereas the aforementioned smartphones are available with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM Option.




The Price of Huawei Mate 10 Pro is $800, the Honor View 10 Price is $500, and the Price of Huawei Nova 2s is $400.Coming to the more affordable devices, the Mate 10 Lite and Honor 7X prices are $280 and $250 respectively.




Now it depends upon you, which Huawei smartphone full fill your requirement. The Mate 10 Pro is overall best for its high-end features but it is very expensive so if you can afford then go for Mate 10 Pro but if you want flagship features in $500 then buy Honor View 10 and Nova 2s also a better option just for $400 and if you have budget under $300 then go for dual selfie shooter Mate 10 lite or more cheaper option Honor 7X.


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