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HTC ONE M10 release date, Expected Features and Price

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The war between the smartphones continues and everyone try to fetch the crown of winner from the other and wanted to increase the sale, but some brands made their position constant such as HTC. Most of the manufacturers keep in touch with the markets and launch the devices for the users belongs to the different price range but HTC made their own trend and they launched a flagship every year and after the complete research and response they increase the flagship line with some other devices from bit changes in hardware and price range. Here we are going to see what the upcoming HTC Flagship contained in detail.


Since last few years, HTC is trying to redesign their flagship and in the case of HTC ONE M9 the company achieved the target to the some extend now we are not sure what we will see in the case of HTC ONE M10 which is the upcoming flagship. Maybe the company might follow the same M9 design line as this was the best looking device of HTC or change the smartphone look. It is safe to assume that the HTC ONE M10 is the combination of HTC ONE M9 and One A9 in design and might be more fashionable than the previous once.




It is obvious that the new smartphone will come with upgraded hardware. Though there is no firm information available about the device but it is expected that the device will be featured with Processor Qualcomm 82X with 3.X GHz Octa-core HMP cyclone technology (6 instruction per cycle capability), 5 inches display with 4K or 2K resolution, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory which can be increased up to 128GB via microSD card. It is also said that the mobile phone is waterproof and secure with the fingerprint scanner. It might come with 27 MP rear and 8 MP front-facing a camera and powered with the 3500mAh battery. These are the expected specs are might change when the handset launch finally.

Fingerprint scanner

Usage of the fingerprint scanner is common nowadays and most of the manufacturers placed the scanner in their devices efficiently. It is expected that the upcoming HTC ONE M10 will also feature with a fingerprint scanner which might place at the back of the mobile phone under rear camera.

Release Date and Expected Price


According to the previous trend, HTC has a plan to release the upcoming HTC One M10 will be released in early 2016. The company will announce the handset in MWC and immediate after the device will be available for open market. The price is the matter of fact and it will be evaluated according to the hardware combination. It is expected that the upcoming HTC ONE M10 will not be sold at the reasonable price and it will be available in the price of 650$ to 800$ because of its high end specs. The device will stand in the high-end price range and it is expected that the mobile phone give the satisfactory result to the users as well as the HTC.

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