Huawei Mate 40, Pro, Plus, RS Hands-on and Differences

Last Update 2020-11-30

Due to the US trade-ban, Huawei has/had been unable to acquire Google’s Android license. Thus, it had experienced bad with the Mate 30 series especially in the western world (where folks are dependent on Google Mobile Services like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps). At that time, Huawei had not yet developed a personal mobile ecosystem. But as of now, Huawei is fully prepared for Mate 40 series with the HMS core (Huawei Mobile Services). HMS is a completely new ecosystem where you get an alternative against almost every Google Application.

Some new features are M Pen 2 Stylus, fastest 5G connectivity, and Hands Air Gestures, and Multi-Screen Collaboration. Let’s talk in detail about Huawei's new flagship phones including Mate 40, Mate 40 Pro, Mate 40 Pro Plus, and Mate 40 RS Porsche Design.


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Mate 40, Pro, Pro+, RS Porsche Main Differences

Mate 40 measures a 6.56in screen while all the others have a 6.76in front. Kirin 9000E embedded in standard whereas the others have Kirin 9000 chip. There are three back cams in vanilla, four in Pro, and five rear cameras in Pro+ and RS. Mate 40 is the one available with 128GB memory while the Pro and Pro+ get 256GB for the starter model. The fourth is Porsche with 512GB max storage. RAM is 8GB for Mate 40 and Pro; however, Pro+ and RS come with 12GB RAM. Battery ranks at 4200mAh for standard Mate 40 but 4400mAh for all others. There is a 40W fast charge for Mate40 whereas a 66W for the other siblings.


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Mate 40 Series Prices and Preorders

Huawei Mate 40, Mate 40 Pro, Mate 40 Pro+, and Mate 40 RS Porsche are already on preorders since after the October 22 announcement. The first release of the Mate 40 series scheduled for early November 2020.

The starting price of Mate 40 is €900. At the same time, Mate 40 Pro and Mate 40 Pro+ priced at €1,200 and €1,400 respectively. Aside from all, Mate 40 RS Porsche Price is €2,300.


Body and Design

Mate 40, Pro, Plus, and RS Porsche are identical to each other in terms of design. I feel charmed by the gradient color version of the MATE 40 series. You can choose Mate 40, Pro, and Pro+ between the following beautiful body colors – Black, Silver, White, and Yellow. Meanwhile, Mate RS Porsche arrives in Ceramic White, Ceramic Black, and Collector Edition.

MATE 40 series brought a waterfall edge-to-edge display and dual punch-hole selfie cameras. The vanilla is less curved at 68-degrees while Pro variants have 88-degrees curved touchscreen. Like the other flagship smartphones, Huawei MATE 40 series unveiled with Under-Display Fingerprint Scanner technology.

Last time, users responded awkwardly on Mate 30 series relying on gesture-supported sensors (which replaced Home and Volume keys). Therefore, Huawei again integrated the physical Home and Volume buttons there in Mate 40 series smartphones.

Coming to the back, it looks like an iPod. There is a circular array with lenses and LED flash in it. Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro came with Four Photography Cameras. On contrary, Mate 40 Pro Plus and Mate RS Porsche brought Five Rear Cams.

Except for Porsche with Ceramic Back, Huawei Mate40, Pro and Plus crafted with Aluminum frame and protected by Alumino-Silicate glass rather than Corning Gorilla Glass. They are IP68 rated for dust and water resistance.


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Huawei Mate 40 comes with a 6.5-inch screen while MATE 40 Pro and Pro+ offer up to 6.76inches screen. The standard has FHD+ resolution while the MATE 40 Pro, Pro+, and RS deliver QHD+ resolution. All of them have OLED Display and are HDR10+ compliant. 90Hz is the standard refresh rate for all smartphones.


Mate 40 smartphones are running on EMUI 11 and open-source Android 10 while the new ecosystem is HMS core. Huawei Mobile Services gives you a private platform for every single task as an alternative to the Android services. The ecosystem contains Account Kit (which is something similar to Gmail for Play Store).

Location Kit is there instead of Google Location, Map Kit is the alternative of Google Maps. There are many other alternatives including Drive Kit, Game Service, Push Kit, Analytic Kit, In-App purchases, and at last Ads Kit yeah the alternate to the Google Admob. Surprisingly, the entirely new ecosystem Huawei builds on the free Android Open Source Project, and hence there is Android 10 running.



(MATE 40 back/front: 3/2, MATE 40 Pro: 4/2, Mate 40 Pro+/RS: 5/2)

One of the most favorite subjects for any consumer – camera, Huawei MATE 40 has five, MATE 40 Pro gets six, and MATE 40 Pro+ obtains seven Leica camera lenses in total. There are dual 32MP and 3D ToF sensors available on the front of the MATE 40 chain.

Coming to the rear cameras, vanilla MATE 40 used to equip a 50MP f/1.9 wide, 8MP telephoto with 3x optical zoom, and 16MP ultrawide optics. Besides this, the MATE 40 Pro flaunts four photography shooters with as such configuration 50MP f/1.9 wide, 12MP periscope with 5x optical zoom, 20MP f/1.8 ultrawide, and 3D Time of Flight camera.

At last, the MATE 40 Pro Plus and RS Porsche are configuring their rear cameras as follows - 50MP (f/1.9) regular, 8MP periscope with 10x optical zoom, 8MP telephoto, 20MP f/2.4 ultrawide, and a 3D ToF snapper.

All MATE 40 devices support OIS, EIS, and 4k video recording at 30/60 fps. Luckily, Huawei flagship phones bring HD/FHD Super Slow-mo at 960fps. The Pro versions allow HD slow-mo at 3840fps, too.


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Hardware and Memory

The last and the latest Kirin chipset, Kirin 9000 (5nm) is powering the Mate 40 Pro, Pro+, and RS. On the other hand, the standard Mate 40 is getting Kirin 9000E processor. There is an eight-core Cortex-A77 CPU ticking at a 3.13 GHz clock rate. GPU is Mali-G78 for graphics production and 4k animations.

How many memory variants are there of MATE 40, Pro, and Plus? Before answering, we would like to add that Storage is of UFS 3.1, and RAM is of LPDDR5 in every MATE 40 model. The top-tier Huawei MATE 40 Pro Plus debuts with 12GB RAM and 256GB internal room. The MATE 40 Pro arrives in 8GB RAM and 256GB secondary memory. There is MATE 40 with 128GB/256GB storage and 8GB RAM. Yet, you can expand storage via Nano-Memory Card.

Mate RS Porsche comes with maximum storage (512GB) among its siblings. RAM is 12GB for heavy multitasking.


Battery and Charge Capacities

There is a 4200mAh powerhouse inside the MATE 40. It is getting 40W Fast Wired and also with 40W Fast Wireless Charge support. Apart from this, MATE 40 Pro, Pro+, and RS Porsche are housing a 4400mAh battery that is compatible with 66W Fast Wired and 50W Wireless Charge.

5G connectivity

Everyone loves to get 5G speeds. Why not? Huawei MATE 40 family can deliver up to 4Gbps download speed so you can have smoother gameplay online.


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