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Amazon Kindle Fire 3D interface, specs, release date, and price


Amazon is setting a new trend by introducing unique 3D features that will change the traditional way of operating the cell phone by tapping and swiping. It is now navigating by tilting your handset.

Amazon has now released the official news about upcoming ‘Kindle Fire’ phone; you can have it use it and enjoy the pleasure it offers. Those who used it say many things about it and one thing that wonder struck them is “It moved with me,”. It is so surprising that they move around it to see it from all angles to enjoy the 3d effect. It is really something new and unique so far. It is gesture based 3D novel interface.

This new smartphone from Amazon, ‘Kindle’ phone, the ‘Fire’ phone or may be some other name is a new handset of its type. It has reasonably-sized 4.7-inch screen having 720p display and powered with quad-core Snapdragon processor with times

Amazon has now released the official news about upcoming ‘

This new smartphone from Amazon, ‘ 2GB RAM, and is equipped with 13MP rear camera. It is pretty good if not awesome.

Amazon ‘Kindle Fire phone has 3D interface and operated by tilt gesture. It is strange that there is no menu on the display but with every tilt the setting would slide over and you go to your desired application. With every tilt you go to a new application.