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Apple Reportedly Dropping Antenna bands and Camera Hump in iPhone 7

Published on Feb 3,2016 By Maq Ahmed


Again, it is time to hear about iPhone 7, a smartphone, which will be unveiled in the third quarter of this year.  New rumor talk about the design of the device, design of iPhone 7 will be comparable to its predecessors but with some notable changes.


Firstly, its primary camera design will be changed, after changes the camera bulge from the iPhone 6s will disappear. Secondly, pesky antenna bands will also be skipped that come with all predecessors. On the other hand, upcoming flagship iPhone 7 will still have antenna bands, which are clearly visible in the above image. Basically, they will be limited to the smartphone’s top, sides and bottom edges .Obviously bands will make more loved design however, we expect Apple will find a method to coat, the left over bands in the similar color as the metal body of the mobile.

The information came from a reliable resource which has proven trustworthy in the past, so we expect that current rumor will come true. Combining current and past rumors about the device such as eliminating 3.3 mm audio jack, we would see entirely different design for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. iPhone 7 will come with a traditional camera on the back side, whilst iPhone 7 will receive a dual lens arrangement.

Currently it is vague that if design amendments will control the dimensions of the iPhone 7 as compared to iPhone 6s. The device will be released any time in September.

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