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AT&T confirm The Price and Delivery of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Galaxy S4 Mini is going to be the first smartphone with voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) and AT&T will be the first carrier to launch this smartphone. HD voice feature is a new innovation in the mobile phone technology. Galaxy S4 Mini will be released in Chicago and Minneapolis 23rd May with new technology known as VoLTE and with that the users will experience super clear quality of voice with this new innovation.    

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is already there in the market since past one year but without this new technology. Three USA carriers companies Verizon, US Cellular and Sprint have been marketing it but without HD Voice Compatibility. Despite being a low price handset it has some good features like IR emitting as a remote, S-Beam, and NFC.  Same features were there in its earlier model.

Although some objected on dual-core Snapdragon 400 processor and Adreno 305 GPU, Galaxy S4 Mini did not face any issue on a count of memory although its software TouchWiz consumes quite a big chunk of memory, 8 GB from in built memory. Since it is provided by microSD card and storage space is compensated.

This handset is available on a two-year agreement against the payment of $49.99. The device is available through AT&T as well, ‘with Next 12 costing $18.50 per-month’ (for 20 months) and ‘Next 18 costing $14.24 per-month (for 26 months)’. This total payment of 370$ is good enough for LTE equipped smartphone that equates to a full retail price of $370, which is respectable for an LTE equipped smartphone and 8MP camera with all the Samsung features.


However an HD voice device is not compatible with non HD voice device; therefore if you are buying for yourself, buy one for the person you are calling.