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Bluetooth 5 with 4 Times Enhanced Speed will be Lunched on 15 June

As per Bluetooth SIG Executive Director Mark Powell announcement, the next version of wireless standard Bluetooth 5 will release on June 16 in an event in London. The Bluetooth 5 will get significant upgrades such as it would be reliable and 4x times faster its preceding version. For steadiness and better latency it will accelerate a range of connected devices.

The new Bluetooth version will assist mobile manufacturer to organize low energy devices. According to Bluetooth SIG it will offer additional support for connectionless service as well. It will also offer support for navigation and location based services, it is something that could flourish soon after the technology lands in the market.

Apparently, focus of Bluetooth 5 is to make the highlighting significance of BT. The Company explained that the name of the new version also indicates it is chosen for better commemoration, and acknowledgment from users. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group contains major technological companies such as Microsoft, and Intel, Apple which will make it more accessible for users. By 2025 the potential is expected to reach about $11.1 trillion, the Bluetooth technology will simplify connectivity inside smart home enormously. It will be launched on Thursday in London so we could hear more about the new version.